Choosing the Best Virtual Event Platform

Virtual event platforms are just one piece of planning virtual meetings. Some great advice to plan virtual events is to “Begin with the end in mind”.  By starting with a clear understanding of the outcome, you can design a program that: Meets your organization’s goals Incorporates your vision Keeps the organization’s culture intact However, selecting [...]

Finding Your Tribe

MeetGreen’s vision is to create a sustainable future through the power of human connection. Through this connection, we start a ripple effect further growing our influence. A few recent experiences have illuminated the impact this approach can have. Della: A few weeks ago, I talked with a doctor looking to encourage the association she is [...]

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Making Wise Food Choices

It’s January and everyone is trying to make wise food choices for themselves and those they care about. Events are no exception. If you are responsible for selecting the food for your event guests, you know how complex it can be in today’s world. Allergies, dietary preferences, local experiences, budgets and current trends all impact [...]

Time for an Emergency Response Plan

The event dates are set, the venue has been selected, and the contracts are in place. Let the planning process begin! As an event organizer, you have an enormous amount of logistics to coordinate and massage into place as the event rapidly approaches. Everything from the event schedule, to registration, speakers and sponsors, food and [...]

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Widgets are Everywhere and They are So Fun!

Into this era of "Do It Yourself" technology resources ventures the brave meeting planner. Nowhere can the planner tasked with building event websites and microsites find a better, more savvy augmentation to their important content than by leveraging the wide variety of free and low cost widgets available. What is a Widget? A widget or [...]

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Let’s Change the World

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead Gathered in comfy chairs at a historic building on our 20th anniversary, it was time to reexamine and realign MeetGreen’s vision and values. While MeetGreen is a business and [...]

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Whether helping participants find their way, acknowledging sponsors or providing visual brand impact, signs are a staple for events. In fact, if every meeting held in the USA each year used one banner sign, it would use enough material to cover approximately 760 American football fields* Of course not all meetings use banners, but have [...]

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Waste is a Noun and a Verb

The event industry has a bad reputation for waste.  Several sources rank it in the top five most wasteful industries. From extravagant buffets that never run out to show floors littered with abandoned booths, useless give aways, and leftover printed materials at the end of the event, the waste is evident. We usually define waste [...]

They Say it’s Your Earth Day

In the musical words of the Beatles, “They say it’s your ‘Earth Day.’ Happy ‘Earth Day' to you!"  Alright, maybe not their exact words, but it has a snappy tune and I am sure they would agree. In celebration of making the planet a better place, one event at a time, I share this infographic [...]

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Read All About It!

Transparency. It is one of our principles. We believe in openly sharing so we can learn, help others learn and strive for a more sustainable future. With that comes the sharing of our Corporate Sustainability Report for all to see. Like the human body, there are some parts we are quite proud of, and others [...]


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