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Create an event using green meeting practices with our event management and sustainable consulting experts.

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Meet is just the beginning, Green is only half the story.

MeetGreen, an ISO 20121 certified organization, works with progressive global organizations to integrate leading sustainability practices to produce events that deliver targeted business results.

How can we help make your next event a success?

Our event management team has over 20 years of experience, our meeting planning team has seen it all from our work on large corporate meetings to small non-profit forums. Our depth of knowledge includes attendee engagement in today’s fast paced world and an advanced understanding of event technology.

MeetGreen’s sustainability consultant team knows events are the face of your organization, events can enhance brand, build reputation and demonstrate citizenship when they give back and reduce their environmental impacts. Our suite of event sustainability services will help you do this in a way that also reduces waste and cost.

Here’s a sampling of how we can help you and your organization:

  • Site Selection & Negotiation
  • Vendor Selection & Negotiation

  • Meeting Logistics

  • Implementing Sustainable Practices
  • Measure your ecological footprint
  • Improve your event planning processes

  • Train your event management team

  • Provide tools to produce green event

  • Create sustainable events that give back

We have had the pleasure to work with some of the worlds best companies and organizations.

“It’s been my pleasure to work with MeetGreen since 2006, so *almost* from the beginning of EclipseCon. No matter what we throw at you, your team handles it with expertise and grace. I look forward to every conference, knowing it will go smoothly and be as stress-free as possible.”

“When I’m feeling anxious about everything that has to be done in order to hit critical deadlines, it’s a tremendous relief to get on the phone with the MeetGreen team. Carole and Britta’s calm and creative problem-solving are confidence-inspiring. I always feel better within minutes.”

Create your Emergency Response Plan.

The Emergency Response Plan Template


This is a free download to help you put in place an Emergency Response Plan for your own event. The purpose of an Emergency Response Plan is to provide guidance and information to key logistical staff about the steps to prepare for and follow in case of an emergency. The plan should address general emergency response procedures as well as specific protocol for the Emergency Response Team to quickly respond to medical, or human-caused and nature-caused emergencies.

Download Template

Emergency Response Plan Template

Contact us to learn more about collaborating with MeetGreen to achieve your goals.

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