MeetGreen’s vision is to create a sustainable future through the power of human connection. Through this connection, we start a ripple effect further growing our influence. A few recent experiences have illuminated the impact this approach can have.

Della: A few weeks ago, I talked with a doctor looking to encourage the association she is involved with to be more sustainable with their events. She was on the right track in thinking they should measure where they are at currently to make the case for change. Having little idea what they are doing if at all, I encouraged her to initiate conversations with leaders (volunteers and paid staff) who may be interested or already taking steps toward sustainability. Likely, they would be happy to find supporters for their sustainability passion. We hear it all the time, I care or we care but I/we don’t think the boss, attendees, leadership, etc. cares. That’s a lonely place to be, but also an opportunity to seek out people who may be in a position to help!

As the conversation continued, I was able to point this person to Practice Greenhealth, a sustainable health care association. It was so rewarding to hear the excitement in her voice to know that there is a larger initiative to further sustainability in her world.

It got me thinking about the power for each of us in finding our tribe. Here are a few organizations where you may find ‘your people’:

Business for Social Responsibility

Fair Trade Campaigns

Green Sports Alliance



Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Sustainable Accounting Standards Board


Nancy: After spending years in the events industry as a planner, teacher and advocate, my dedication to sustainability needed inspiration from other industries where leaders were pushing the envelope. How could we learn from their challenges and successes? I needed a new tribe, a tribe of sustainability professionals. Professionals whose role didn’t even exist when I started the company. Just as in Della’s example above, I started reaching out, meeting new people, asking a lot of questions, and sharing ideas.

Finding a new tribe has renewed my enthusiasm, re-energized me personally, and provided resources for our entire organization. Last week, I connected two sustainability executives working on similar initiatives in different industries. It felt gratifying indeed to be part of this tribe working together to make the world a better place.

Have you found your tribe? What do you gain from connecting with like-minded people? If such a group doesn’t exist in your community, could you create one? We’d love to hear from you!