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Sustainability Consulting

As the face of your organization, events can enhance brand, build reputation and demonstrate citizenship when they give back and reduce their environmental impacts. Our suite of event sustainability services will help you do this in a way that also reduces waste and cost.

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MeetGreen works with progressive global organizations to integrate leading event sustainability practices and produce conferences and events that deliver targeted business results

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We offer a variety of sustainability consulting services and you may have questions. We have provided some answers for you.

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Case Studies


IMEX America 2017

Sustainability is a core component of IMEX America and is addressed and refined throughout the year across the entire range of vendors and stakeholders, including onsite as well as pre/post event.

There are several wins to note regarding the IMEX America 2017 waste stream. Overall volume of waste decreased significantly from 2016 due to efforts to capture, donate or reuse large booth materials and furniture, as well as sustainable signage and carpet. The enhanced back dock hand sorting of waste also dramatically improved the amount of material that can be recycled or composted. Read Case Study


World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting 2017

As an organization with a mission driven interest in global sustainable initiatives, the World Cocoa Foundation did a great job reducing its event’s environmental footprint by the implementation of progressive approaches like food and beverage strategies to eliminate waste and get leftover food to people who need it, the 100% elimination of its printed program and the use of FalconBoard signs. Read Case Study


IMEX America 2016

The 2016 IMEX America, our own internal planning team took a proactive approach to recycling the materials that we use for signage and, together with our vendors, ensured that they were put to valuable use in several different places (see Materials). We also reduced our paper use from onsite publications by more than 1,500 lbs of paper, which is the equivalent to about 13 fewer trees. In addition, our education team curated many rich and grounding experiences for our guests onsite, including the Be Well Lounge and Paws for a Break. Read Case Study


Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly 2016

The Unitarian Universalist Association identified five main sustainability objectives for General Assembly 2016. Each objective is accompanied by individual targets and action items designed to address and evaluate each objective. These targets are customized given the current level of sustainability in each host city prior to the event. Read Case Study


IMEX America 2015

In 2015, IMEX America chose to focus on water shortage in the Las Vegas area. In an effort to reduce water usage, the concession menu available on Wednesday was optimized to provide foods that minimize water use. Beef burgers were replaced with turkey burgers, for example, which saved 331 gallons per 1⁄4 patty! Water savings information was presented on digital signage to inform attendees of the water footprint of their food and they were encouraged to share their experience using the #WaterWiseWednesday hashtag. Read Case Study

Service Project Planning

Let us help you plan your event’s next community service project!

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Training & Education

As you look to bring world-class knowledge to your event management team to save money and improve your environmental footprint, consider MeetGreen. Our training programs are designed to accelerate the introduction of sustainable meeting practices, using practical, real world know-how. These are some examples of the training we provide, each customized to your particular interests and needs.

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