About MeetGreen & the Team

We are a woman-owned business that focuses on gathering communities together through virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face meetings. Wait there’s more! We are focused on sustainable ways for events, businesses, and organizations to do their part towards climate action and doing good in the world. Our team is distributed that has fun doing what we love! Does that sound like something you want to be a part of?

Our Values

  • We believe in creating a sustainable future.
  • We care about the planet and all of her people.
  • We believe in the power of human connection.
  • We believe in inspired optimism.
  • We believe every little bit helps.
  • We thrive on challenges and love to learn.
  • We embody the spirit of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Be a good human.

What Are We Up To?

Check us out on our social channels to see what the team has been up to!

Accepting Applications For The Following Positions

Sustainable Event Specialist – Contracted

Provide logistical coordination for a variety of projects including conferences, meetings, and special events. Full Job Description

Sustainability Consultant – Contracted

Provide project management leadership and logistical coordination for sustainability consulting projects. This may involve a variety of projects, including event assessments and management of event sustainability. Full Job Description

Other Career Opportunities

Didn’t see the right career opportunity? Email us at jobs@meetgreen.com to submit your resume for review.