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November 2017 Community News

Design the Right CSR Project

Design the Right CSR Project for Your Event

Less than a decade ago, corporate social responsibility activities were unheard of during conferences and events. Today, a majority of event organizers are including them in their program. The most popular form of social responsibility for meetings is a community or legacy project. Community projects fall into the “Feel Good, Look Good” category of CSR, where the projects contribute to a sustainable cause and provide promotional benefits to the sponsoring organization. In addition, they provide the personal experiences participants are now craving during conferences.

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At MeetGreen, we believe in the power of human connection. When people come together for a singular purpose, magical things happen. We help organize events for a variety of clients across a wide spectrum of industries and it’s always exciting to see the good work that comes from these meetings. We also believe in the importance of sustainability, from a business, environmental, and social perspective. Rather than an afterthought, sustainability is built into our event planning from the beginning.

We want to extend the power of human connection virtually with our own online community. With our like-minded friends, we will share resources and information designed to enhance your work as an event and/or sustainability professional.


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