Transparency. It is one of our principles.

We believe in openly sharing so we can learn, help others learn and strive for a more sustainable future. With that comes the sharing of our Corporate Sustainability Report for all to see. Like the human body, there are some parts we are quite proud of, and others we are striving to “do something about.”

Often, people think MeetGreen has it all figured out, that we are 100% in everything including our scores on the MeetGreen Calculator. Not so, as a company, we are above 50% but not close to perfect. The ebb and flow of sustainable event practices and the destinations make this an ever-moving target.

We still travel for business and our air miles are up as our clients are growing. Thanks to the diligent use of technology and thoughtful decisions, we have been able to reduce our discretionary air travel. The carbon emissions produced are 100% offset, a practice we started in 2007.

We measure, measure, measure whenever possible and know the typical conference attendee at one of the events we are involved with produces:

1.89 Kg of event discards per day
1.6 Kg of landfill per day
176.67 Kg of carbon emissions per day

As humans would set goals for their bodies such as lose weight or get in shape, we have set our goals for this year and to 2020. Among them are reducing are carbon footprint per FTE employee and improving our Calculator scores for each and every event from the past year. We have some work to do and we are taking steps daily to meet our goals.

In the spirit of sharing, we offer our 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report.