Making the Connection Between Food and Carbon

Did you know the food served at events significantly impacts carbon emissions? In fact, transport, housing, and food have the three largest carbon footprints. What determines the carbon footprint of food? Food’s carbon footprint is the greenhouse gas emissions produced by: Growing Rearing Farming Processing Transporting Storing Cooking Disposing High Versus Low Carbon Footprint [...]

IMEX Sustainable Practices Contribute to a Better World

When Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Groups says, "We do our part to leave the world a better place than we found it," she is sincere. "With 3,250 exhibitors representing 139 countries, 3,216 hosted buyers from 60 countries and 12,227 attendees, we are truly the pulse of the meetings industry. We are committed not only to [...]

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Announcing the New MeetGreen Calculator 2.0

Why would we develop a new version of our calculator? Because we know now what we didn’t know then... We now know the landscape of sustainable events is constantly shifting, improving, and growing. Our experience has taught us some green meeting practices are simply better at addressing negative impacts or creating benefit than others. For [...]

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Striving for a Zero Waste Event

The 2015 Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly was held June 24-28th at the Oregon Convention Center with an impressive 4,502 participants, 6,634 hotel room nights, 98 exhibitor booths and 186 educational sessions.  It was also several of the hottest days in Portland, Oregon, with the daily temperature rising above 100 degrees F. One of the [...]

TerraPass & MeetGreen Join Forces for Carbon Calculator Integration

MeetGreen, a leader in sustainable events and TerraPass, innovators in environmental impact reduction for both individuals and business, have teamed up to integrate the TerraPass Carbon Calculator into the MeetGreen website.  Featured in the Resources section of the MeetGreen website, the free TerraPass calculator allows users to determine their carbon footprint and purchase corresponding offsets. [...]

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Read All About It!

Transparency. It is one of our principles. We believe in openly sharing so we can learn, help others learn and strive for a more sustainable future. With that comes the sharing of our Corporate Sustainability Report for all to see. Like the human body, there are some parts we are quite proud of, and others [...]

Leave ‘Em Behind

Packing for IMEX America 2014, I pull out all my best "Las Vegas" shoes and fill up a suitcase. All of this thinking about my feet reminds me of my carbon footprint. Which reminds me of a fact I learned about last year's IMEX America... "If every attendee had packed just one less pair of [...]

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Data is a Beautiful Thing…so is Water

Data is a beautiful thing.  It helps you tell a story, understand the significance and ultimately, demonstrate you are doing the right thing.  The right thing, like conserving water.  In today's "radical transparency" world of social media, your personal, professional or organization's reputation may depend on it. Just a few tweets by watchful participants at [...]

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Not Far From the Tree

My grandmother was always one to look at labels.  She was always picking up the saucer and turning it over when having tea at a friends house.  She was checking to see how expensive it was.  She inspected the silver looking for Reed & Barton embossed on the handle.She didn't limit her inquisition to tableware.  [...]

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Where to Find Green Meeting Suppliers

Last week I talked about how many more meeting venues and vendors are going green, making a meeting professionals job easier.  Hooray! Perhaps I should back up my assertion with some resources for you to find those suppliers.  I have put together a short list to get you started and will add to this list [...]


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