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Do Not Disturb Until 2016

In the event business, we are up before the break of day and on the show floor early, reviewing room sets, checking for recycling stations, and ensuring local food is being thoughtfully prepared before people arrive.   Thousands of steps each day are required keep the participant’s experience a productive one.  Our day doesn’t end until [...]

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Challenge Yourself at IMEX America

Because I love a good dare, last year I quickly accepted the challenge thrown down by Aaron Elliott, Sustainability Manager at MeetGreen, who is responsible for the green meeting practices at IMEX America.  His challenge was to take selfies showing what the average attendee can do at IMEX America to minimize waste.  Let's say [...]

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Silly to Serious

Alright, we like to have fun. We enjoy each other’s company. We laugh, play and poke fun at ourselves. Even the “Beautify the Bay CSR Project” turned hilariously competitive as this group of professional dumpster divers scavenged for discarded flotsam and jetsam. We also genuinely enjoy our work with our clients and their teams, many [...]

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Looking for a Role Model?

Then look no further. The UUA General Assembly has just published it's 2014 Event Sustainability Report and it is another successful year for the planning team of Jan Sneegas, Don Plante, Steve Ransom and Stacey Dixon. Highlights from this year's event include: Converting the Convention Center to 100% compostable serviceware for all concesions and catering [...]

Business Lessons from Twenty Years in the Event Industry

They say if you start a business and it is still in business five years later, you are a success.  I would add, if you start a business and twenty years later you are still engaged, excited and passionate about what the company brings to the world, you are triumphant. As we celebrate MeetGreen’s 20th [...]

Standing on the 50 Yard Line

In July of 2007, we were standing on the football field in Giants Stadium making preparations to bring sustainability to a very large sports arena.  How could we possibly recycle, compost and otherwise divert the waste of 51,000 screaming fans?  In our case, the fans were concert goers for the Live Earth Festival and the [...]

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It’s Alive!

You can't get much fresher than stepping up to a lunch buffet and having your salad hand cut for you.  Selecting from red leaf, butter, arugula, romaine and a variety of other lettuce was the only difficult problem.  This Living Salad Bar was showcased at the GMIC Oregon Chapter luncheon.  Appropriately, the focus of the [...]

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What if “Good Customer Service” was the Entire Marketing Plan?

Stepping up to the restaurant counter I am greeted by a surly worker who clearly doesn’t want to be there or take my order.  My meal is prepared by another equally unenthused employee who slaps the food together, snaps the to-go container shut and hurls it over the counter towards me.  This scene is repeated [...]

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Not Far From the Tree

My grandmother was always one to look at labels.  She was always picking up the saucer and turning it over when having tea at a friends house.  She was checking to see how expensive it was.  She inspected the silver looking for Reed & Barton embossed on the handle.She didn't limit her inquisition to tableware.  [...]

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No Event is an Island

When MeetGreen had an opportunity to coordinate a sustainable event in the British Virgin Islands this spring, volunteers were not hard to find. Our Portland, Oregon, based planners were especially tired of the long, rainy winter and enthusiastic about the project.   Armed with event expertise and sunscreen, Jaclyn Skrivseth, Project Manager, boarded a plane for [...]

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