Alright, we like to have fun. We enjoy each other’s company. We laugh, play and poke fun at ourselves. Even the “Beautify the Bay CSR Project” turned hilariously competitive as this group of professional dumpster divers scavenged for discarded flotsam and jetsam.

We also genuinely enjoy our work with our clients and their teams, many of whom we consider friends. Nowhere is the love for our work and this organization more apparent than at our annual Staff Retreat where we spend the week reflecting on questions like:

  • What does the future hold?
  • How will the sharing economy impact us?
  • Will our industry exist in five-10 years?
  • Are meeting professionals moving from masters of details to masters of systems?
  • What’s hot in sustainability? What’s not?
  • Who will disrupt us or what will we disrupt?
  • What keeps our clients up at night and how can we help?
  • What are they passionate about and how can we help?

As we processed our answers, we enthusiastically challenged ourselves to keep MeetGreen at the forefront of event production and sustainability. We are agile and continuously strive to learn as fast as our world is changing.

Stay tuned as we bring our collective knowledge, eagerness and expertise to your organizations to create a sustainable future using the power of human connection. Indeed, it was our week of human connection–silly or serious—which offers us an optimistic view of the future.