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Nancy J. Zavada, CMP Fellow, President, MeetGreen, is internationally recognized as an innovator in the sustainable event field. Nancy founded MeetGreen, a sustainable events agency in 1994. MeetGreen is certified as an ISO-20121 and Women-Owned Business. Nancy oversees sustainable initiatives for corporate and non-profit organizations. She co-founded the Green Meeting Industry Council in 2004 which is now part of Events Industry Council and has authored three books on sustainable events.

If You Had Hired MeetGreen, You Would Be Green Right Now!

That's right, you would be green by now if you had hired MeetGreen to manage your event. We would have set you up for success by managing the conference logistics and using a sustainable strategy to green your event! All of this at no additional cost. Here's Proof Let me share an example. We have [...]

Take the Leap…Where Will You Be in Four Years?

It is no coincidence that this blog is posted on Leap Day. This "extra" day offers an extraordinary opportunity which comes but every 4 years. Reflecting Back To Move Forward Take a moment to reflect on how sustainable your events were four years ago today. Did you think that going paperless or giving up individual [...]

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Finding Sustainability in an Excessive Industry

Excessive Consumption Finding sustainability in an industry known for excessive consumption. It can be challenging when you are inundated with how fabulous life is with these things. In today’s world filled with displays of excessive consumption such as: Private jets Huge homes Fast fashion Destination weddings Social media influencers show off a world that [...]

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Diversity Scholarship Programs Open Doors to Possibilities

If one of the goals of your event is to be inclusive, a diversity scholarship program may be perfect for your community. ROSCon has a well-established diversity scholarship program and invites students to apply, regardless if the conference is held in: New Orleans Japan Madrid Simply stated..."ROSCon invites applications from members of groups that have [...]

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Cool Things Clients Do – In the Eye of the Beholder

Attendee Experience The host organization of an event says they are sustainable and use the earth’s resources wisely. Are the attendees experiencing the sustainable initiatives? Are they learning how to convene sustainably? What Should an Attendee Expect? For example, if the event organizer states they are reducing the event's carbon emissions, what should you, [...]

It Starts with a Question: Food and Beverage

Incorporating sustainability into events may seem daunting. The myriad of options available to make your events more sustainable can leave your head swimming. There is no clear path to immediate success, but keep going. It makes it easier by asking just one question, then another, and then another. Taking a Look at Food and Beverage [...]

Bridging the Gap: The Secret Sauce for Impactful Event Execution

What lies between initial desire to hold an event and the successful execution of the event? At first glance, organizers might think a checklist is enough however the depth of knowledge and experience may leave you confused. For example, if "Order food and beverage" is a line item there's more to it than meets the [...]

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Start by Asking a Question: Carbon and Attendee Travel

Incorporating sustainability into events may seem daunting. The myriad of options available to make your events more sustainable can leave your head swimming. There is no clear path to immediate success, but don’t let that stop you. By asking just one question, then another, and then another it makes it easier. In this premier post [...]

Making the Connection Between Food and Carbon

Did you know the food served at events significantly impacts carbon emissions? In fact, transport, housing, and food have the three largest carbon footprints. What determines the carbon footprint of food? Food’s carbon footprint is the greenhouse gas emissions produced by: Growing Rearing Farming Processing Transporting Storing Cooking Disposing High Versus Low Carbon Footprint [...]

Cool Things Our Clients Do – Giving Back Edition

Giving back is key to your organization's impact on the host city of your event. Organizations meeting in a destination can have either a positive or negative impact on the community. An increased focus on communities regarding health, food scarcity, and environmental factors, gives hosting organizations an opportunity to make a real difference—to DO GOOD. [...]

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