It’s Up To You: The Role Of Discretionary Travel In Carbon Reduction

Emerging interest in the impacts of airline travel and even "flight shaming" have seen a distinct increase across the events industry and at the corporate level recently. Reasons for this range from devastating wildfires, to dire warnings from the UN Climate Science Panel, to the emergence of passionate new voices joining the climate conversation. Given [...]

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September MeetGreenChat – Tips & Tricks for Sustainable Traveling

Summer is over and the #MeetGreenChat is back! To get back into the swing of things we talked about "Tips & Tricks for Sustainable Traveling". Great topic personally and professionally. Here's a recap of what we learned: Is traveling sustainably presently a part of your trip planning? A1: Yes indeed! Both in terms of packing [...]

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MeetGreen Hero – Michelle Guelbart

Michelle Guelbart, MSW Director of Private Sector Engagement for ECPAT-USA Michelle leads program development and strategy for ECPAT-USA’s private sector work. As Director of Private Sector Engagement she advises companies on corporate social responsibility efforts to protect children from trafficking. Michelle provides support and recommendations to ECPAT-USA partners including Carlson Companies, Delta Air Lines, Wyndham [...]

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Make Your Events “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

They eat right, exercise, and get quality sleep while at home, it is any wonder why participants are asking for the same considerations when traveling and attending a meeting? Health and wellness are the latest trends in the hospitality industry and professional organizers are learning to incorporate them into meetings and events.  While conferences can [...]

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Treading Lightly Near the Rim

Leaving Las Vegas for the Grand Canyon, I had a lot of expectations around the vast natural beauty I was soon to explore.  What I didn't expect was a sustainable lodging experience, second-to-none, with an honest concern for treading lightly on the Earth.My hotel room at the Grand National Park Lodge surprised me with:Bulk hand [...]

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Leave ‘Em Behind

Packing for IMEX America 2014, I pull out all my best "Las Vegas" shoes and fill up a suitcase. All of this thinking about my feet reminds me of my carbon footprint. Which reminds me of a fact I learned about last year's IMEX America... "If every attendee had packed just one less pair of [...]

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Things You Should or Should NOT Do in a Hotel Room

You know the basic rules of staying in a hotel, such as not stealing the bathrobes or keeping your neighbors up late at night. Right?  Today, we are talking about basic rules for traveling green. Somewhere between leaving home and arriving in the hotel room, many travelers forget about being environmentally responsible. People, who wouldn’t [...]

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Pack One Less Pair of Shoes

Did you know if you pack just one less pair of shoes you can eliminate 5 lbs. of CO2 when traveling by air? or If you opt for an electronic program instead of a paper one you can save 52 gallons of water? or If you participate in a hotel's linen-reuse program you can save [...]

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Water, Water…Everywhere?

If you don’t consider the scarcity of water a huge issue for the citizens of this planet, you haven’t been paying attention.  Water scarcity affects 2.7 billion people worldwide for at least a month a year and it is getting worse. Are we in the hospitality industry paying attention? Several recent examples of this have [...]

Stop Traffick!

As meeting planners, we spend A LOT of time in airports, hotels, and ground transportation in cities around the world.  As a company, we strive to be good citizens of the world environmentally and socially.  We train and plan for disasters, weather challenges and crisis management.When it came to our training on how to be [...]

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