We took a look back and here are MeetGreen’s top 5 posts for 2021! Topics of sustainability, carbon footprint accounting, digital event gifting, net zero virtual events, and supporting diverse small businesses. 

Number 1 for 2021

Hypocrisy and Understanding of Sustainable Living

Approachable methods to digesting sustainability that will give you the tools and pep talk you need to continue your own individual journey, and understand others’ as well.

Number 2 for 2021

Resources for Digital Event Carbon Footprint Accounting

What is the carbon footprint of a digital event? How does it compare to a traditional in-person meeting? Learn more about some new tools to help you answer these questions.

Number 3 for 2021

What’s the Impact on Digital Event Gifting?

Many digital events reduce emissions by 95%+ over a typical in-person conference. However, did you know physical gifting in digital settings can shift these savings dramatically? Learn more about gifting.

Number 4 for 2021

We are Committed to Net Zero Virtual Events for Our Clients

MeetGreen believes in a sustainable future for the planet and her people. In fact, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

Number 5 for 2021

A Vacation with Intentions of Supporting Diverse Businesses

How can you support diverse businesses in your every day life? Find out how our Director of Business Development, Della Green planned out a vacation with this in mind.