You Can End Food Waste at Events

You want to cut back food waste at your events.  You want to save money on your food budget.  You want your choices to make this world a better place.  Yet, the hospitality industry has set guest’s expectations high–the first person through a buffet line and the last both have access to the same amount [...]

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Now That Was Big Data

Twenty-three filing cabinets, 4 printers, 117 binders, 3 label makers, copious amounts of index cards, reams of letterhead and one lonely typewriter later, we said goodbye to the past and completed our move to MeetGreen’s new headquarters.  With an increase in employees working virtually, we decided it was time to change to a more efficient, [...]

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Don’t Make Him Use the Sharpie!

This self-proclaimed rant from a fellow professional is too choice to pass up. He was asking me to join him in starting an industry-wide plea to trade show service providers to replace their “archaic ordering and payment processes with secure, web-based systems.” With permission, I share it with you… Today, I’m ordering services for a [...]

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No Cookie Left Behind

As the general session started and participants had already moved from the continental breakfast to find their seats, a man rushed up to me and he was furious. “There is one flavor of yogurt left, the selection of pastries is dismal,” he yelled, “and the only fruit left is apples!” I agreed and explained while [...]

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Not Enough Hours in the Day

#CSRShareDay was held on January 22 and in one 24 hour period, 3725 tweets with 437 contributors had an estimated reach of 802,826, all with the intention of increasing corporate social responsibility. The invention of Andrew Walker, the full day of sharing sustainable event ideas, tips and resources went around the world with moderators from [...]

There is No Finish Line

Here's the deal...there is no finish line.  Marathon runners cross the line only to start training for the next race hoping to beat their best personal time.  Graduation day celebrants talk about what is lies ahead.  Work promotions are steps to the next goal.  Event planners know they are only as good as their last [...]

Standing on the 50 Yard Line

In July of 2007, we were standing on the football field in Giants Stadium making preparations to bring sustainability to a very large sports arena.  How could we possibly recycle, compost and otherwise divert the waste of 51,000 screaming fans?  In our case, the fans were concert goers for the Live Earth Festival and the [...]

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Steps in the Right Direction

The good news is, each year meeting professionals get a little more green savvy and the trend towards more sustainable meetings initiatives continues.  Thanks to research by Meetings & Conventions Magazine each year, we have been able to watch closely as our industry gets on board with green policies and procedures.The recent survey reveals that [...]

Have We Picked All of the Low Hanging Fruit?

This question gets raised frequently in the sustainability world in 2013.  We've been at this a while, shouldn't we move on to the hard stuff?  Green meetings are no different and has it's own list of the "low hanging fruit:"Recycling during the eventEliminating individual water bottlesReducing or eliminating handoutsDonating leftover conference bagsEliminating polystyrene cupsMany organizations have instituted these initiatives for [...]

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