The good news is, each year meeting professionals get a little more green savvy and the trend towards more sustainable meetings initiatives continues.  Thanks to research by Meetings & Conventions Magazine each year, we have been able to watch closely as our industry gets on board with green policies and procedures.

The recent survey reveals that 22% of planners now have a policy regarding green meetings.  Forty-six percent say their organization’s meetings are greener now than they were two years ago.  Hopefully, as our industry moves forward, planners won’t be forced to make economic vs. environmental decisions any longer.

This survey chart represents a real shift as green practices for hotels have moved into the “Prefer to Have” category in most areas.  Now we need to take the next step as a community and “Require” hotels to adopt these sustainable initiatives.  It’s time to address these in the contract.

I am so proud of this industry and the change we have already made.  I salute you and urge you to keep up the good work! 

Personal note:  Let’s hope none of us ever attends a meeting where one of the 3% planners who “prefer not to have local food sourced” is choosing the menu.  Sounds like a trucked in, frozen food bonanza.