Here’s the deal…there is no finish line.  Marathon runners cross the line only to start training for the next race hoping to beat their best personal time.  Graduation day celebrants talk about what is lies ahead.  Work promotions are steps to the next goal.  Event planners know they are only as good as their last event and look forward future events.

So it goes with sustainability.  There is always more to learn, attempt and accomplish.  First it was implementing basic green meeting practices, then came measuring/benchmarking and on to reporting.  As the next event rolled around it was time to increase initiatives and beat the personal best.

The fact there is no finish line shouldn’t make us want to give up and stop trying, it should invigorate each one of us to keep going to reach even higher goals.  That is the beauty of the human spirit…we keep trying!

Embrace the joy, hope and excitement as you keep creatively integrating sustainability into your work and your lives.