#CSRShareDay was held on January 22 and in one 24 hour period, 3725 tweets with 437 contributors had an estimated reach of 802,826, all with the intention of increasing corporate social responsibility.

The invention of Andrew Walker, the full day of sharing sustainable event ideas, tips and resources went around the world with moderators from every time zone taking a turn directing the conversation.  The sharing was going strong when I took the reins at Hour 23.  The community came together like never before to teach and learn and it was all done with a minimal carbon footprint with each of us tweeting from home base.

If that wasn’t enough, the CSR conversation continued late into the night and even over the weekend as ideas about next steps were introduced by passionate professionals.  There is still much to be done to create a more sustainable event industry and endless possibilities for moving forward.  Nearly a week later, discussions remain focused on how to accomplish change with no sign of stopping.

I don’t know what’s coming next, but knowing this lively, caring community, it will be incredible.