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One (Earth) Day at a Time

Today is Earth Day and with it comes the annual call to action and an opportunity to make a difference.  You may be volunteering with park cleaning, recycling, educating youth or other special activities to recognize the day.  Or it may be a day to stop and reflect on what has been accomplished during the last [...]

What if Money Does Grow on Trees?

Of all the myths about sustainable meeting practices, the Money Myth stating, “Green meetings cost more money,” is the toughest to demystify.   When talking to someone about running sustainable meetings, I often hear, “I would love to but it cost too much.”  So does producing a green meeting costs more money?   It can, but it doesn't have [...]

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Grandma was Right – Frugal Equals Sustainable

It is said that money is what makes the world go ‘round. In the world of environmental sustainability, the overwhelming mantra is to “make the business case” for sustainability, which translates to “how will this save money. This was welcome news to me, actually, as I had been training my whole life for this. Heck, [...]

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Quick Tips on Negotiating Internet Pricing

A few weeks ago, we gave you some quick tips for determining the bandwidth needs for your conference here.  That's not the only thing keeping you up at night though, right?  You also need to know how to best negotiate for those internet services. The costs can certainly be a budget-breaker if you aren't prepared.Realizing [...]

Lean and Green in 2014

Meeting budgets continue to be slashed by organizations preparing for another lean year in 2014.  You have done your best to save money, but let's face it, you can only cut a bagel into so many sections before the attendees threaten mutiny. Here are seven lean, green tips to save your organization money: Serve beverages [...]

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Where to Find Green Meeting Suppliers

Last week I talked about how many more meeting venues and vendors are going green, making a meeting professionals job easier.  Hooray! Perhaps I should back up my assertion with some resources for you to find those suppliers.  I have put together a short list to get you started and will add to this list [...]

Don’t Make Me Use the Wand

Standing in line, I dutifully shuffle toward the long metal tables.  As I get closer, I remove my shoes, then my coat.  I empty everything else into a plastic bowl.  My computer comes out of the bag and into a bin.  I have no plastic bottles of liquids.I step into a large metal machine and [...]

It’s the Little Things…

If you are like me and can't compete with the amazing efforts of Oracle OpenWorld, don't be discouraged. Every thing you do along the way makes a difference. A couple of things brought this to mind this week:My local power company sent me a letter congratulating me for choosing renewable power and telling me for [...]

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How Can I Save Money On My Next Event?

Let's see, perhaps we can...Serve beverages in pitchers like lemonade instead of individual soft drinksReduce the size of our programEliminate the conference bagMeet in a location that doesn't require shuttle serviceOffer a virtual option for speakers and participantsProvide one vegetarian meal per dayAsk exhibitors not to bring handouts to reduce our garbage haulingGuarantee our food [...]

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