Economic Savings

Green Drive Saves Hilton $74 M in Two Years

Today's headline from Environmental Leader says it all. If you read the article you find the data to back up this claim. Here's the story in financial and environmental savings: LightStay, the sustainability measurement system used by Hilton Worldwide and its portfolio of 10 hotel brands, has saved the company more than $74 million since [...]

Dollars and $ense

"For a small 300-person event name badges are not a huge cost. Perhaps $100 at most. But what if you could eliminate this cost and create a cool sponsorship idea? This is exactly what Canada Media Marketplace did.Canadian destinations participating in the event are always looking for interesting and unique ways to enhance their profile [...]

Action Speaks Louder Than Words: Count On It!

American Airlines just announced they have ordered aircraft which will make them the nation's most fuel efficient airline. In this article, the company spokesman Ed Martelle is quoted as saying, "The environmental footprint improvement really comes from those fuel efficiency gains. If we're using less fuel, we're dumping less carbon into the atmosphere." Once [...]

Green = Green

It all started with the Five Myths of Green Meetings outlined in our early presentations. Some were easier to dispel than others such as "Myth #4 - only environmental groups are going green." Today, sustainability is a mainstream business strategy.Myth #1 - Environmentally responsible meetings are too expensive," has been proven false, but continues to [...]

We’re In This Together

Do you have a green team for your event or conference? If not, why not? Working together with all of your key stakeholders can move the sustainability initiatives at a much faster pace. Leaders in our industry understand this and have initiated green teams which include representatives from the:DestinationMeeting VenueHotelTransportation CompanyCatererSponsors and ExhibitorsProcurement DepartmentsAgencies (especially [...]

Your Hotel’s Green ROI

Looking for the business case benefits for a standardized and measurable sustainability program for your hotel? Here are five top benefits with links to recent articles and web sites which may help you make the case: Cost savings. A 10 percent reduction in energy consumption alone would have the same financial effect as increasing the [...]

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It Turns Out, Success CAN Be Measured!

Since Oracle OpenWorld turned its attention to event sustainability in 2007, the progress has been impressive. Here's an example of what they have accomplished:Enabled re-investment of $1.3 million in event elements through waste-cutting actionsDiverted enough trash from landfill to fill 37 garbage trucksAvoided emissions equivalent to taking 190 cars off the road for a yearConserved [...]

Money Talks

Trimmed $1.4 million from our client's budgets through sustainable event practice recommendations. That's what MeetGreen did in the last reporting period. Just the facts in our Corporate Report 2010. In addition, we...Saved 1653 treesPrevented 63 trucks of trash from entering landfillsAvoided emissions equivalent to taking 300 cars off the road for a year Saved [...]

First Things First

Reduce first and then recycle. That’s what we are taught. If you don’t need it to start with, the chances of it not ending up in the landfill are much better. Point taken. But when you get praise for the amount you reuse or recycle, it is often difficult to tell the less obvious story [...]


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