Making Wise Food Choices

It’s January and everyone is trying to make wise food choices for themselves and those they care about. Events are no exception. If you are responsible for selecting the food for your event guests, you know how complex it can be in today’s world. Allergies, dietary preferences, local experiences, budgets and current trends all impact [...]

Essential Information

When Carole Garner joined MeetGreen in 2006, her passion for nature and a love of the outdoors came with her.  As the Director of Conference Management and Leadership Team Member, she soon discovered bringing green to meetings wasn't always easy.  Through her diligent, caring mentoring of both clients and staff alike, she has enrolled them [...]

Ignore the Polar Bear

Last week I saw a consumer product with a photo of a polar bear.  Right next to the sweet polar bear was the tag line, "The Right Choice."  Searching the rest of the packaging, I was unable to find any reason this product was environmentally the right choice or better than the competition.  Polar bears [...]

Confessions of a Dumpster Diving Team

Over the last six years MeetGreen has collected a wealth of information about event impacts.  We have entered 40 client events into our MeetGreen Calculator which provides a meta-indicator of how successful our clients have been at improving event sustainability through policy, procurement, implementation and measured results.  We are thrilled to see their efforts continue [...]

What’s New in Green Meetings

What's new in green or sustainable meetings?  I find it interesting how frequently I am asked this question.  We are so trained to look for the new, fresh, latest trends in everything we do.  Anxious to be done with the last part, check it off our list and move on to something more exciting.It might [...]

Insider’s Perspective on APEX, GRI and ISO 20121

The title could have just as easily read, "The True Confessions of Amy Spatrisano." We offer it here in her own words...The Global Reporting Initiative Launches the Event Organizers Sector Supplement…say what?Have you heard the one about, "how many standards does it take for the meeting/event industry to have one they might actually use?" Apparently, [...]

Eight of Nine Standards Passed!

This just in from Amy Spatrisano, APEX/ASTM Sustainable Meetings Standards Panel Chair:Today, October 31st, marks the 4th year anniversary of our first formal meeting to begin developing the standards. When the news came today that 8 out the 9 standards had passed, it took awhile before it sunk in that we were nearly finished. Note: [...]

57% Want To Align With Standards

"I have heard there are standards being developed and want to learn how to align my green meeting practices." That's the top answer in a poll during the Meetings Focus webinar on September 28th, "Sustainability: Basic Green Techniques" by 57% of the over 530 participants. The other two optional answers, "I have no idea about [...]

Policy Template Helps You Meet Sustainable Event Standards

You asked for it! One common concern surfaced during the all six of the GMIC webinars I presented this year, the need for assistance developing a sustainability policy. The proposed APEX/ASTM Standards require both the planning organization and its suppliers/vendors to have a written sustainability policy in place as a key component.Questions from the audience [...]


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