It’s January and everyone is trying to make wise food choices for themselves and those they care about. Events are no exception. If you are responsible for selecting the food for your event guests, you know how complex it can be in today’s world. Allergies, dietary preferences, local experiences, budgets and current trends all impact your decisions. Do you know your food choices also affect your event’s environmental impact?

That’s a lot to consider! To simplify what can be a complex issue, we have created three insightful infographics to not only help you make selections, but also tell the story to attendees—whether 30 or 3,000.

Save Water: Beef vs Turkey

Did you know, if everyone at a 2,000 person event ate one turkey burger instead of one beef burger you could save 2.5 million liters of water. That’s a lot of H2O!

Our infographic shows by making this choice (multiplied by the number of attendees at your event), you can minimize water use.

Beef vs. Turkey

Keeping with the theme of water savings, how well do you know the water footprint of your food?

Know Your Food

Have we piqued your interest? We hope so! Knowing your food and its impacts are critical to making good decisions when planning out your menu. Another example of this would be fruit. Did you know that apples use less water than bananas? It’s true! An apple requires 33 gallons of water versus a banana that uses 42 gallons to grow.

Download our “Know Your Food” infographic to learn more.

Know Your Food

How is it Served?

Now that you’ve looked at making more water-wise food choices, let’s consider what it is served on. Your choices in serviceware are highly impactful on our planet’s environment. When making decisions about your menu, you should also keep how it will be served top of mind and where the plates, cups and forks will end up.

Some questions to keep in mind:

  • Can I use durables or reusable serviceware?
  • If I use disposables, can they be recycled once used, considering recycling capabilities in the location where my meeting is being held?
  • Is there a compostable or biodegradable option, and does it match up with capabilities of the property and/or city?

Our “Serviceware Made Easy” infographic will walk you through the decision-making process.

Serviceware Made Easy

Editor’s Note: Serving food on china, glass and silver will always make your guests feel more special. Reusable serviceware is elegant and seen as “First Class” service. If you don’t believe me, ask the airlines.

These are several of the tools we have available to help you and your organization make informed decisions when planning your event. If you are looking for more helpful information and tools, take a look at our resources section on our website.