Standing in line, I dutifully shuffle toward the long metal tables.  As I get closer, I remove my shoes, then my coat.  I empty everything else into a plastic bowl.  My computer comes out of the bag and into a bin.  I have no plastic bottles of liquids.

I step into a large metal machine and put my hands over my head.  Puffs of air blow my skirt and hair while the doors spin around me.

After the scan, I see my x-ray, the transparent outline of my body (a little lumpy from years of wear).  Wait, there’s a tube of Chapstick still in my pocket!  Arghhhhh, I was so close to perfect and now everyone around hears about it.

That’s how I feel each year when we publish our annual corporate report.  A bit naked to the world, our successes and our challenges out in the open.  Transparent.  But unlike “security theatre” at US airports, it is this level of transparency provided by a corporate report which allows others to see our level of commitment to both environmental and social issues with measurable data.

Corporate reporting is vitally important for all of a business’ stakeholders.  It is one way of seeing past the “greenwashing” which has become much too common.  Combined with social media, radical transparency and informed decisions by consumers are more possible than ever before.  It is crucial to our sustainable future.  That’s why we do it.

So, here we go.  Shoes off, change in the bowl, and arms overhead, here is the MeetGreen Annual Corporate Report .  Sure, we have some lumps, but at least you won’t find any plastic bottles.