The Updated MeetGreen® Sustainable Event Kit

An updated version of the MeetGreen® Resource Kit is now available for purchase! The Kit is an invaluable collection of resources designed to make planning sustainable meetings easier. The Kit includes the innovative If One Attendee… fun fact generator, vendor surveys, best practice guides, standards assessment forms and contract language. There are several important and [...]

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Not Enough Hours in the Day

#CSRShareDay was held on January 22 and in one 24 hour period, 3725 tweets with 437 contributors had an estimated reach of 802,826, all with the intention of increasing corporate social responsibility. The invention of Andrew Walker, the full day of sharing sustainable event ideas, tips and resources went around the world with moderators from [...]

Pretentious No More

When I started my blog in 2008, social media was fairly new to the events industry. Meeting professionals were jumping into the “green pool” and we were all paddling for our lives. I suddenly found myself in the deep end and had all sorts of advice, stories, and musings about the actual everyday process of [...]

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Saving Green by Going Green at the Pump

Ten years ago, my reason for buying a Prius was to be gentler on our planet.  I was concerned about reducing greenhouse gases and my dependence on oil (full disclosure: there are some who say I wasn't concerned enough to give up my car completely.  You are right, it is a journey for me too). [...]

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Having Nightmares About Event Bandwidth?

Making sure all your attendees stay connected during the event has become your responsibility.  Lack of connectivity is now tantamount to running out of coffee the morning after the big party.  This new task crept into meeting professional's job descriptions catching many unaware and scrambling for information.  We feel your pain.  Our conference team set [...]

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The Question that Never Ends

There's a children's song called, "The Song that Never Ends" and thanks to Lamb Chop & friends, the music still plays in my head. Likewise, in sustainable meetings, there is a "Question that Never Ends" and, by golly, it hasn't.  The question is..."Is it illegal to donate food after an event?" Rarely does a week [...]

The Accidental Planner

It wasn't too long after starting my job as communications director for a national healthcare firm, when the president appeared at my desk one day.  "It time we start planning our annual conference and by we, I mean you," he calmly stated.  The blank stare on my face was hiding the sheer panic in my [...]

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No, Not the C Word!

Yes, that's right, "Collaboration."  The word, collaboration, is widely used when talking about sustainable meetings.  Sustainable event planners go on and on about how they must collaborate with the venues, chefs, waste haulers, general service contractors, hotels, transportation companies and even entire cities to produce an environmentally and socially responsible event.  They are right.  It [...]

Pack One Less Pair of Shoes

Did you know if you pack just one less pair of shoes you can eliminate 5 lbs. of CO2 when traveling by air? or If you opt for an electronic program instead of a paper one you can save 52 gallons of water? or If you participate in a hotel's linen-reuse program you can save [...]

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Water, Water…Everywhere?

If you don’t consider the scarcity of water a huge issue for the citizens of this planet, you haven’t been paying attention.  Water scarcity affects 2.7 billion people worldwide for at least a month a year and it is getting worse. Are we in the hospitality industry paying attention? Several recent examples of this have [...]


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