When I started my blog in 2008, social media was fairly new to the events industry. Meeting professionals were jumping into the “green pool” and we were all paddling for our lives. I suddenly found myself in the deep end and had all sorts of advice, stories, and musings about the actual everyday process of planning a sustainable meeting I wanted to share. When I offered to let my team name the blog, I wasn’t thinking of the consequences. Their choice, “Pretentious Musings of a Meet Green Martyr,” probably said it all. So I went with it.

In the early days, it was easy to think you had it all figured out. I jokingly said I would work myself out of a job in the next five years. Fast forward to 2015, I still have a job and not only is it not “all figured out,” but there are days when I feel like I am back at square one. There are other days, however, when I marvel at how far sustainability in business has come.

What I know now, is that it takes a committed community of passionate professionals to make a change. I am wildly proud of our team here at MeetGreen and want their voices to be heard as they share their own stories, advice and musings. This blog will be shared by each of them and will be a resource to our greater community. You can’t get rid of me quite that easily though, so I will blogging from my point of view.

What I have also learned along the way is, there is no room for pretentious martyrs in this important work or in our world. 2015 is the year to simplify our lives, pay attention to what really matters listen closely to each other, and open our hearts and minds to collaboration. I believe in the future and this is my first step.

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