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Sustainability Tips: Winning AND Learning

They say, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."  Participants in our session at the CMP Conclave this week did both.  Using an outcome driven meeting design, Mariela McIlwraith and I crowdsourced sustainable event tips from Certified Meeting Professionals who strive to produce green meetings and were anxious to learn more. In this collaborative workshop, everyone [...]

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Tips from the Tap for Events

As this long, hot summer groans on and on, saving precious water is at the top of everyone's minds.  Event organizers have an opportunity to save water on a larger scale based on the decisions they make every day. Did you know that 2 cups of coffee, one tote bag and a 60-page program for [...]

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A Letter to Our Readers

Why did Mariela McIlwraith, Shawna McKinley and I tackle this project? Why were we genuinely excited to write another book on sustainable events? Why did we gather in Vancouver BC armed only with index cards full of easy tips for green meetings and one grand idea? Because the practical know-how of how to hold a [...]

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Peer Pressure

What if you had 10,697 participants from over 150 countries attend your event? plus over 2,900 exhibitors from 50 countries? All from your peers in the hospitality industry watching? Especially with the inspiring goal "to be a leader in event sustainability and focus on reducing their  environmental impact?" Then you might be the brave team [...]

Read All About It!

Transparency. It is one of our principles. We believe in openly sharing so we can learn, help others learn and strive for a more sustainable future. With that comes the sharing of our Corporate Sustainability Report for all to see. Like the human body, there are some parts we are quite proud of, and others [...]

Looking for a Role Model?

Then look no further. The UUA General Assembly has just published it's 2014 Event Sustainability Report and it is another successful year for the planning team of Jan Sneegas, Don Plante, Steve Ransom and Stacey Dixon. Highlights from this year's event include: Converting the Convention Center to 100% compostable serviceware for all concesions and catering [...]

Saving Green by Going Green at the Pump

Ten years ago, my reason for buying a Prius was to be gentler on our planet.  I was concerned about reducing greenhouse gases and my dependence on oil (full disclosure: there are some who say I wasn't concerned enough to give up my car completely.  You are right, it is a journey for me too). [...]

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Taking the Leap to Paperless

No more binders full of paper, no more printing banquet event orders, no more copies of production schedules.  We did it!  Thanks to technology, resourceful team members and a true commitment to reduce our own event planning paper stream, this fall's event documents are now 100% electronic. Carole Garner, Director of Conference Management, made it [...]

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Quick Tips on Negotiating Internet Pricing

A few weeks ago, we gave you some quick tips for determining the bandwidth needs for your conference here.  That's not the only thing keeping you up at night though, right?  You also need to know how to best negotiate for those internet services. The costs can certainly be a budget-breaker if you aren't prepared.Realizing [...]

Essential Information

When Carole Garner joined MeetGreen in 2006, her passion for nature and a love of the outdoors came with her.  As the Director of Conference Management and Leadership Team Member, she soon discovered bringing green to meetings wasn't always easy.  Through her diligent, caring mentoring of both clients and staff alike, she has enrolled them [...]


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