They say, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”  Participants in our session at the CMP Conclave this week did both.  Using an outcome driven meeting design, Mariela McIlwraith and I crowdsourced sustainable event tips from Certified Meeting Professionals who strive to produce green meetings and were anxious to learn more.

In this collaborative workshop, everyone learned, shared and explored.  Prizes were awarded for tips, ideas and resources and, in the end, everyone won a copy of Meet Better: 167 Easy Ways to Make Your Events More Environmentally and Socially Responsible.  Our outcome was a list of 50 ideas for meeting better, greener and kinder.  Here are a few of the most popular:

  1. Do not pre-pour water or other beverages, offer pitchers instead
  2. Offer china and glass instead of disposables
  3. Ask for certified sustainable seafood
  4. Use smaller plates
  5. Use chalkboards for signage
  6. Donate leftover items to schools, shelters or community groups
  7. Make sure signage is reusable
  8. Provide easy access for mobility device users
  9. Organize activities that consider the special needs of participants
  10. Have wide aisles and ramps to the stage in room sets

Many thanks to all who shared their knowledge and for the genuine enthusiasm for making our meetings better, one event at a time.