Is your conference or event becoming more sustainable?  Have you implemented green meeting initiatives?  Are you being more environmentally responsible while in the event destination?

Have you told anyone about it?

Often, organizations are making positive changes and leaving a lighter footprint on the planet but are not telling participants what is happening on their behalf.  This is a mistake.  People want to know the organization is mindful and concerned.  They also want to know how they might contribute to the success of the sustainable initiatives throughout the event.  This is true whether the hosting organization is just getting started or has a whole list of green meeting practices.

Today we offer examples of event websites which feature the sustainability initiatives right alongside the program, speaker, and registration components.

Each and every one of these events gladly shares their initiatives with all participants, sponsors, exhibitors and the general public.  Please feel free to read, learn and follow their example by sharing your organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.