Would You Like to Have MeetGreen on Your Team? Access Insider Tips & Tools, Free!

The MeetGreen® Sustainable Event Kit is an invaluable resource designed to make your sustainable event planning easier. We’ve distilled hundreds of hours and many years of experience into the best practices, vendor surveys and contract language included in the Kit.

There is no better way of understanding the value of these tools than experiencing them for yourself. MeetGreen is giving away a sample of the Kit each month for the next six months. Visit the Sustainable Event Kit product page to see which sample is currently being featured. This month, we are featuring the Food and Beverage section, including best practices, vendor surveys and contract language. In future months, we will release other helpful – and free – sections, such as Destination, Accommodations, Venue, and Audiovisual.

Try out these tools for yourself and consider purchasing the entire Sustainable Event Kit to get all 10+ event categories. Also included are APEX/ASTM Standards assessment forms that can help track and measure compliance with the Standards and If One Attendee…, a handy fun fact generator that calculates a variety of environmental impacts based on the number of attendees at an event.

While it’s not quite as good as having one of our talented team members working for you, it sure beats reinventing the wheel! Instead of spending your precious time figuring out what to do, tap into the resources we’ve provided. Greening your events and measuring the results will be easier than ever!