Risk or Reward? The Double Edged Sword of Event Information Security

In the MeetGreen GreenStorming Hangout last December, I talked with Event Hero’s John Federico about the future of technology and events. One of the most interesting things to come out of the conversation was the idea of how data is impacting events. John said, from his viewpoint, “Events are about data.” With more attendee data, [...]

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Now That Was Big Data

Twenty-three filing cabinets, 4 printers, 117 binders, 3 label makers, copious amounts of index cards, reams of letterhead and one lonely typewriter later, we said goodbye to the past and completed our move to MeetGreen’s new headquarters.  With an increase in employees working virtually, we decided it was time to change to a more efficient, [...]

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The New Event Binder for the Digital Age

MeetGreen® has undergone a big technological transformation in the past year which has made us faster, more efficient and more sustainable. One of the more exciting changes was the move to tablet devices for our on-site conference logistics. It used to be, during conference season, I would come into the office and see the large [...]

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Jim Spellos: Industry Change Agent and Hero

James Spellos is the President of Meeting U., whose mission is to help people become more productive and comfortable with technology.   Jim delivers over 150 seminars annually on how to use technology more efficiently.  In 2015, Jim was named one of the Meeting Industry’s trendsetters by Meetings Focus magazine.  He is a faculty member [...]

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Saving Green by Going Green at the Pump

Ten years ago, my reason for buying a Prius was to be gentler on our planet.  I was concerned about reducing greenhouse gases and my dependence on oil (full disclosure: there are some who say I wasn't concerned enough to give up my car completely.  You are right, it is a journey for me too). [...]

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Taking the Leap to Paperless

No more binders full of paper, no more printing banquet event orders, no more copies of production schedules.  We did it!  Thanks to technology, resourceful team members and a true commitment to reduce our own event planning paper stream, this fall's event documents are now 100% electronic. Carole Garner, Director of Conference Management, made it [...]

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Quick Tips on Negotiating Internet Pricing

A few weeks ago, we gave you some quick tips for determining the bandwidth needs for your conference here.  That's not the only thing keeping you up at night though, right?  You also need to know how to best negotiate for those internet services. The costs can certainly be a budget-breaker if you aren't prepared.Realizing [...]

Having Nightmares About Event Bandwidth?

Making sure all your attendees stay connected during the event has become your responsibility.  Lack of connectivity is now tantamount to running out of coffee the morning after the big party.  This new task crept into meeting professional's job descriptions catching many unaware and scrambling for information.  We feel your pain.  Our conference team set [...]

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Two (More) Words

In article entitled, "Two Words," recently published in Smart Meetings, Jim Spellos taught us everything we need to know about the tech landscape as it relates to events, in just two words.  I highly recommend reading and adopting his wise words.  He included the words, Sustainable Events, understanding sustainability and technology are inseparably linked in [...]

Reduce Paper, Gain a Sponsorship Opportunity

Still trying to do away with the paper program for your conferences or events? When the BSR 2012 conference made the choice eliminate the full conference program, they went to a conference app.   Their app program is incredibly robust and has been very successful this year with a large percentage of participants using it to [...]

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