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Ready, Set, Slash!

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has announced the "Energy Slasher Challenge" competition. The winners will be the small, medium, and large property with the greatest overall savings April 1, 2010 – April 1, 2011 compared to the previous year. And they are even giving away prizes. http://www.ahla.comApplause to AH&LA not only for issuing this [...]

It’s a Numbers Game

5700 homes powered, 650 Olympic-size pools filled and 34,865 cars off the road. Not to mention $29 million in utility costs saved in 2009. Impressive numbers from Hilton Worldwide announcing its LightStay, a proprietary system developed to calculate and analyze environmental impact. In the first full year of findings, the 2009 LightStay results show that [...]

First Degree: Feel Good, Look Good

We are exploring the three degrees of social responsibility in meetings starting with the most popular form of social responsibility which includes donation and volunteer projects. These kinds of projects contribute to a sustainable cause, but are also directed at providing promotional benefits to the donor agency. These kinds of socially responsible acts can be [...]

This Is Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

When choosing a vendor or hotel property one of the first questions to ask is about their environmental policies or mission statement. It is a quick way to tell how inherent environmental responsibility is to an organization. It will also give you a quick read into the depth of their commitment. There is an excellent [...]

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…and the dish ran away with the spork?

My little neighborhood paper, The Hollywood Star News" ran an article this month asking local residents to donate gently-used flatware to the schools. It seems, "Schools went to the seemily more efficient mode of handing out plastic "sporks" (wrapped in plastic) with a devastating effect on the environment--56,100 plastic spork packages are thrown away each [...]

Green Team Ahead by 10

Last week I talked about green teams in my blog post. No sooner had the ink dried (wait, that doesn't work anymore) than a helpful report produced by Green Impact came out about green teams. Outlining the 10 best practices for bringing all your employees on board with your company's sustainability projects it focuses on [...]

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Back Of House Heroes

Another champion we met during our hotel back of house tours in San Francisco is actually a team of them! The Stewarding Team at The Palace Hotel. The Palace Hotel composts, recycles (with an amazing 75% diversion rate) and is working hard to develop new strategies to be more sustainable. Meanwhile, this Stewarding Team has [...]

Local IS Sustainable

As part of our work with Oracle OpenWorld, we survey the sustainable practices of all of the hotels. During the conference, we take a back of house tour to see those practices first hand.It was during one of the tours we met Erica Holland-Toll, Executive Chef at the Westin San Francisco Market Street. Chef Erica [...]

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Bolstering the Community

What can you do with 4,500 bolster pillows? Bolsters--you know, those round pillows on hotel beds that usually end up thrown or kicked off the bed. Jo Licata at the San Francisco Hilton was faced with the challenge of donating 4,500 of those little devils recently when the property changed their bedding. I have blogged [...]

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