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What Keeps Us Up at Night

According to over 600 planners who completed the Meetings Focus Trends Survey, it's the "not so little" things worrying them, such as: Low budgets The economy Increasing costs of venues and suppliers Increased workload due to reduced staffing More complicated contract negotiations Decreasing attendance Each and every one of these is cause for concern and [...]

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Better Than an Apocalypse

The end of 2012 was destined to bring all sorts of surprises, but when the well-advertised Apocalypse failed to materialize, I gave up hope of seeing change.I was premature, however, because the Meetings Focus East, January 2013 issue hit my desk today with news of Six Key Trends.  It seems a "State of Meetings" survey [...]

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What’s New in Green Meetings

What's new in green or sustainable meetings?  I find it interesting how frequently I am asked this question.  We are so trained to look for the new, fresh, latest trends in everything we do.  Anxious to be done with the last part, check it off our list and move on to something more exciting.It might [...]

Why Bother?

Really, isn't enough...enough?  Haven't sustainability and green run their course?  Why is business still talking about doing "the right thing" for our planet and its people?  Because, here in 2012, it is good business.According to Katherine Manfredi, Conference Partners, and Andrew Walker, E3 Strategy, during their GMIC Conference session, the Seven Key Benefits of Being [...]

Confessions of an Introvert

Hybrid meetings offer a variety of benefits and not all of them relate to economics or sustainability. Finally, introverts can join an event and still stay in their most productive zone by attending remotely. You see, research suggests, introverts feel their most alive when in quieter, low key environments. In fact, the open spaces and [...]

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How Serious Is Climate Change?

Need another reason to institute sustainability policies into your meetings? Do your events reflect an organization with the same concerns as its participants?Take a look at the chart below and see what your event demographics believe. Too bad it isn't sorted by age group as well, that would be very telling. From other studies I [...]

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Change Feels Good…Yes, It Does!

Join me as I enjoy the colorful beauty and bounty of this season and give thanks for the remarkable changes orchestrated in the world of sustainable meetings. You might even feel inspired to take note of changes this past year and share your gratitude--that is what I do here today.I am so very thankful for...The [...]

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Musings of a Virtual Attendee

There I was in my bunny slippers lounging on the couch this weekend just back from the BSR 2011 Conference. My schedule didn't allow me to attend EventCamp Vancouver in person and I didn't want to miss it, so virtual I was. Laptop on my lap (I get that term now) I was streaming the [...]

57% Want To Align With Standards

"I have heard there are standards being developed and want to learn how to align my green meeting practices." That's the top answer in a poll during the Meetings Focus webinar on September 28th, "Sustainability: Basic Green Techniques" by 57% of the over 530 participants. The other two optional answers, "I have no idea about [...]


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