It is the change associated with more sustainable meetings that challenges both people and organizations. Change can be both scary AND incredibly rewarding. Today–more than ever–we are being asked to change as business and the economy require new vision. I am learning more about it in hopes of making the transition to sustainably meetings and business easier for all involved.

As a part of my research, I am now reading “The Heart of Change” by John P. Kotter. In his book he talks about the Eight Steps for Successful Change which he believes are:

1. Increase urgency
2. Build the guiding team
3. Get the vision right
4. Communicate for buy-in
5. Empower action
6. Create short-term wins
7. Don’t let up
8. Make change stick

These are exactly the steps we are finding when organizations start incorporating green meeting practices into their programs. Facinating! I can think of case studies for each of these in the work we have done. I will make sure in future posts to share those and would welcome stories you have about change in your organization as well!