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SPLC Summit 2023


The SPLC Summit 2023 was a 2 day event held in Atlanta, Georgia with 313 attendees and 117 speakers. This event saved 151, 478 liters of water through it's sustainability efforts. That is equivalent to filling 502 bathtubs! To learn more about the SPLC Summit sustainability efforts we have presented their accomplishments in our sustainability [...]

CleanMed 2023 Sustainability Report


CleanMed 2023 was a 2 day conference including 87 virtual attendees and 670 in-person attendees. Their sustainability efforts included: Food waste & donation stream Reusable service ware Offsetting carbon emissions Plant-based meals by default Reducing plastic for name badges Virtual attendance to reduce air travel CleanMed saved 3,321 kilograms of waste through their sustainability efforts. [...]

CleanMed 2022


CleanMed recognizes that the single biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint is travel which accounts for more than 90% of the carbon emissions from an average event. By providing CleanMed attendees the ability to attend virtually, it allowed the event to achieve a reduction of 18,206 kg CO2e. That is an amount equivalent to [...]

ROSCon 2019


Greening an event involves a concerted effort from the host organization, vendors and supply chains. ROSCon 2019 linked closely with five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #2, #3, #7, #11, and #12. The conference planning included choosing the Parisian Macau as the host venue and is certified as LEED Silver, the venue was [...]

ReFED 2019 Food Waste Summit


The ReFED 2019 Food Waste Summit made many efforts to ensure their event was sustainable which included a zero waste achievement through portion sizes & attrition calculations, ensuring the food was locally sourced, and encouraging attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles to save on waste. By including these sustainable elements the event was [...]

BSR 2019 Conference


The BSR 2019 conference kicked off with a Zero Waste reception to set the sustainability benchmark. Features included all digital signage, mocktails prepared with all house- made ingredients, and trimmings from hors d’oeuvres ingredients used for smoothies and vegetable stock. An off-site reception was within walking distance from the conference venue and supported local business. [...]


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