February MeetGreenChat – Zero Waste

Zero waste is a very popular topic in events, in business, and even at home. There are many innovative ideas out in the world about zero waste and how to achieve that goal. In events it can be tricky to claim a zero waste victory, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. This month's #MeetGreenChat [...]

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Care for a Little Data with Your Meal?

Getting the word out to conference participants about the sustainable initiatives being done on their behalf is a step that is often missed.  Using the conference website, emails and social media are the traditional delivery methods, but there is another...providing this information to a captive audience on the big screen. Last week, the BSR 2013 [...]

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Think Composting Won’t Save You Money. Think Again.

A report, entitled "The Composition of Waste Disposed by the UK Hospitality Industry" estimates that over 3.4 million tonnes of waste is generated by hotels, pubs and restaurants every year. The report, published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme, says detailed research shows nearly 80% of this could be recycled with food waste representing [...]

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Come Out With Your Sporks Up!

"Justin Beiber doesn't make a ceramic birthday party plate, so here's your paper plate.  Deal with it!" This is a direct quote from my sister as she was handing me a piece of cake for my niece's Justin Beiber themed birthday party and a piece of her mind.  She also shared that she had already removed the [...]

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Bet You Can’t Name Just One

Here's a challenge for you...name one sustainable thing your company, hotel, association or meeting venue is doing this year that you weren't doing last year. Things like started recycling, installed CFL bulbs, added green language to RFPs, planted a roof-top garden, gave up bottled water, or donated leftover food. And just like the famous chip [...]

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The Code Word is Sustainability!

If you are looking for a green meeting venue...look no further. The International Association of Conference Centers recently developed a Code of Sustainability for its members and the adoption rate has been outstanding."IACC’s Code of Sustainability shines a bright spotlight on the path that already more than a third of its members have followed to [...]

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Back to the Future

“These aren’t new practices, they are old,” was one woman’s response at the Green Meeting Industry Council’s Conference. She had been in the industry for over 40 years and when she started…-all service was on china, disposables were unheard of,-water wasn’t available in plastic water bottles,-sheets were changed only once during a week-long stay,-table scraps [...]

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Isn’t That Illegal?

No, actually donating leftover food to a local food back isn’t illegal or a liability for meeting planners and their organizations. Although this is often what we hear from venues and caterers. But don’t take my word for it. Enter…The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.What does the law do? The law protects good-faith [...]

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CIC’s Newest Member!

Here we are in beautiful Vancouver, BC for the Greening the Hospitality Industry Conference 2008 where an exciting announcement was just made……the Green Meeting Industry Council will become the newest member of the Convention Industry Council! The Executive Board of the CIC approved the membership and the full board will ratify the decision in April.The [...]

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