The media (social and otherwise) allows so much information to flow through our lives each day, it is tough to filter.  Does a certain article or post warrant a blog entry with careful consideration, or do I just need to pass the information on to you?

 Organically (no pun intended), I seem to be using my Twitter account @nancyjzavada to post quick bits of information on our industry, environmental or social impacts of meetings, and other travel/meeting related happenings.  Blogging has been used more for our organization’s tips, ideas, experiences and of course, pretentious musings.  So be it.

First of all, my thanks for reading this blog and I promise to stay relevant and informative as green meetings and events continue to evolve.  Secondly, feel free to follow me on Twitter @nancyjzavada to see what has caught my eye in this big, noisy world we live in. 

Please feel free to point me in the direction of great stories and comment on any of the posts.  Like any good carpool, there is plenty of room for all of us.