I have talked a lot about the reuse of signage and how important it is. Traditionally this means donating the signs to schools or theatre for other projects. Here’s one I hadn’t thought of…

The Final Night Party during SuperComputing ’09 at Portland’s Performing Arts Center had several different areas for food and beverage. The planning committee came up with the idea of naming these areas after prestigious colleagues one of them being the “Ken Kennedy Pub” and the signs were made. This pub served microbrews and a variety of wonderful food. Folks had a great time with the name.

During the event, several people from Ken Kennedy’s university, Rice, asked if they could have the signs after the event. They thought it would be cool if they could be hung somewhere at Rice – they knew Ken would have loved that. So off they went. We just learned that one sign is destined for the Rice grad student bar and the other will find a home somewhere in the Ken Kennedy Institute (http://k2i.rice.edu/, founded by Ken as the Computer and Information Technology Institute in the late ’80s).

Now that is reuse at it’s finest!