Event Cancellation Insurance – To Purchase Or Not To Purchase?

For all of us living and interacting in the modern world, we can agree that it’s a wonderful, yet unpredictable place. The purchase of event insurance provides you with the ability to navigate any stormy seas while resting assured that your organization’s boat does not capsize. What does it cover? Event cancellation insurance can provide [...]

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A Letter to Our Readers

Why did Mariela McIlwraith, Shawna McKinley and I tackle this project? Why were we genuinely excited to write another book on sustainable events? Why did we gather in Vancouver BC armed only with index cards full of easy tips for green meetings and one grand idea? Because the practical know-how of how to hold a [...]

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Pretentious No More

When I started my blog in 2008, social media was fairly new to the events industry. Meeting professionals were jumping into the “green pool” and we were all paddling for our lives. I suddenly found myself in the deep end and had all sorts of advice, stories, and musings about the actual everyday process of [...]

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