What lies between initial desire to hold an event and the successful execution of the event? At first glance, organizers might think a checklist is enough however the depth of knowledge and experience may leave you confused. For example, if “Order food and beverage” is a line item there’s more to it than meets the eye. Why does this gap between the two seem so daunting for convening leaders?

Event Execution Vision

Skilled event producers understand the vision of the host organization and articulate that vision to key stakeholders. At MeetGreen, we say, “Events are windows into an organization’s soul.” Our job is to ensure the organization’s soul shines by bringing the commitment to a better world through connection, collaboration, and targeted business results.

Event Execution Magic

It’s called the secret sauce. It is the magic of making the complex seem easy. Knowing that when you did your job well, no one noticed the work behind the scenes, just the engaging event. Without the secret sauce between the start and finish, moving from Point A to Point B is impossible.

Ingredients of the Secret Sauce include:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Timelines
  • Budgets
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Understanding the complex food system
  • Communication with all the key stakeholders
  • Unwavering focus on logistics
  • Negotiating with vendors for a win/win outcome
  • Commitment and tenacity

It’s why MeetGreen is hired, trusted, and celebrated as an integral partner to our clients. They know what outcome they want, just not the intricate roadmap of logistics to get there. We do.

Event Execution Example

Coordinating sustainable event initiatives is an excellent example of what we bring to the table. Clients whose mission is to create a better future must show commitment to every aspect of their event. They can’t talk about their mission while serving lunch on a disposable plate or have speakers on the podium next to an individual plastic bottle of water. Meanwhile, an overflowing waste bin in the foyer with no recycling is a recipe for disaster. Just one social media post photo negates all their good talking points.

The secret sauce is required to negotiate with the venue, caterers, and all vendors to exceed participants’ expectations. The negotiation starts from the very beginning with the request for proposals and contracting. It continues through onsite monitoring, data gathering, and post-event reporting.

MeetGreen has a reputation for excellence with discerning clients. Our expertise in bridging the gap between intent and execution is impeccable. We are the Secret Sauce.

Event Management Resources

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