We offer a wide variety of event management services that the MeetGreen team can provide for your next event.

Based on your organization’s needs, MeetGreen provides significant resources to locate meeting and housing sites worldwide. In our selection process, we are always looking to improve your bottom line and limit liability.

  • Research viable conference sites and send out Request for Proposals.
  • Recommend the best fit for your event.
  • Coordinate and manage on-site inspections.
  • Negotiate the best hotel rates possible.
  • Advocate for contracts and environmentally responsible practice clauses.
  • Monitor and address risk management issues at meeting venues.
  • Rebate hotel commission based on your nightly housing room block.

Negotiating contracts can be a daunting component of conference planning. MeetGreen advocates to ensure your best interests are represented in the event’s contracts. We understand the prevalent industry issues and counsel you, not as legal advisers, but as your expert champion.

Vendors include: general services contractors, decorators, caterers, convention centers, hotels, transportation companies, and event technology companies.

  • Create and send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to potential vendors.
  • Manage feedback and send client an executive summary with recommendations.
  • Negotiate contracts and environmentally responsible practices clauses.
  • Negotiate to improve your bottom line and limit liability.

There are more than a few moving pieces when it comes to running a successful event. Put your event in the capable hands of one of our seasoned planners who specialize in juggling multiple vendors and keeping even the most logistically complicated day running smoothly.

  • Manage meeting space coordination including meeting room set up and space requests.
  • Source and serve as liaison to third-party vendors for hotel, security, staffing, F&B, AV, signage, decor and other logistics-related services.
  • Develop a detailed Staging Guide, a master plan for the event that communicates the specific details and needs of each on-site moment to the vendors.
  • Track and manage hotel room block pick ups, staffing rooms, and comps.
  • Arrange conference shipping and receiving.
  • Manage and monitor food & beverage needs within the scope of the budget.
  • Develop, order, and handle on-site signage.
  • Ensure implementation of green meeting requirements.
  • Manage sponsor fulfillment.
  • Handle all extracurricular meeting requests and special events.

We understand the importance of making every dollar count. As a result, finding income sources and saving your project money just comes naturally to us.  We have the expertise to develop a budget that works for your organization, as well as the tools to track all of your vendor costs, leaving you breathing easy.

  • Determine strategies to save money and the planet through innovative use of the supply chain and technology.
  • Monitor areas of the budget that the planner is directly responsible for and report to the client.
  • Ensure all vendors are accountable for negotiated services and are

A calendar is a meeting planner’s best friend. Let us guide you through the process of defining a timeline that is unique to your project and help you stay on track till the very end.

  • Work directly with the client to develop a timeline plan for the conference.
  • Manage event planning timeline commitments and deadlines throughout the process.
  • Schedule and run team meetings as needed.
  • Provide weekly updates to client regarding planning progress and keep project on track for success.

Attendees are increasingly booking accommodations online and outside of the event’s room block. We at MeetGreen are up to date on the latest industry trends and use our resources to provide the best package for our clients.

  • Housing negotiation using room block formulas.
  • Attrition management by accurate forecasting and monitoring of room block pickup.
  • Manage room blocks to maximize revenue.
  • Track group history.
  • Reconcile and report on final housing numbers.

The relationship with your conference’s attendees begins with registration. To create a positive first impression, MeetGreen excels in managing the registration process from online registration to name badge production to final registration reports. We also ensure that clients receive up-to-the-minute tracking information to assist in management and financial decisions.

  • Provide a secure online registration system for attendees and affiliates inclusive of a secure credit card processing system.
  • Create customized registration form design with demographics, links to client website.
  • Process registration payment using client designated merchant account.
  • Complete pre-registration data upload.
  • Provide assistance to attendees throughout registration process.
  • Produce automated customized confirmation emails.
  • Manage blast emails to attendees.
  • Provide detailed reports and statistics weekly or as requested.
  • Handle design, production, and distribution of name badges.
  • Manage registration process on-site.
  • More Information

Whether you’re communicating to potential attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, speakers, volunteers, or the media, MeetGreen can assist in developing effective, concise and appropriate communication strategies. Some of the winning communications strategies we employ are “save-the-date” announcements, brochures, programs, press releases, social media communication plans, comprehensive on-site tracking methods, evaluations, and post conference follow-ups.

  • Create and send online conference notices to attendees, speakers and sponsors.
  • Coordinate press conferences, releases, and design advertisements.
  • Manage brochures from initial concept through design and mailing.
  • Develop and produce the Conference Program Guide and Exhibit Hall Guide.
For most organizations, the key element to a successful conference is sponsorship support. Since today’s companies are scrutinizing where their sponsorship dollars are spent, MeetGreen has helped to develop creative, effective and cost-efficient programs. We can assist with sponsorship recruitment support, communication packets, agreement samples and language, tracking mechanisms, and fulfillment direction.

  • Assist in developing sponsor program.
  • Work with conference organizers to set up sponsor tracking system.
  • Ensure sponsor fulfillment before and during the conference.

MeetGreen has extensive experience in exhibit management, which can often be a significant source of income for your conference. We can provide expertise with recruitment techniques, tracking mechanisms, show decorator management, exhibitor kit development and on-site management of exhibits.

  • Develop floor plan with decorator.
  • Plan exhibitor load-in and load-out schedule.
  • Coordinate exhibitor correspondence.
  • Provide lead retrieval for exhibitors.
  • Coordinate room layout and setup, including AV, staging, and lighting.

Creating a stellar program for your event can be a challenge for anyone. Don’t let the details of securing your speakers be part of it. Put your confidence in MeetGreen’s years of experience handling speakers from first-time presenters to big name VIPs and we’ll sweat the small stuff for you.

  • Coordinate and collect papers and abstracts, photos, bios, AV requirements, presentations, and releases for each presenter.
  • Develop and send confirmation letters, speaker agreements, and speaker releases.
  • Manage speaker registration.
  • Ensure the event website and promotional materials contain correct speaker information.
  • Manage transportation as needed for keynote speakers to and from the airport.
  • Ensure that conference proceedings are recorded, either video or audio, if needed.


  • Manage and monitor food & beverage needs within the scope of the budget.
  • Develop, order, and handle on-site signage.
  • Ensure implementation of green meeting requirements.
  • Manage sponsor fulfillment.
  • Handle all extracurricular meeting requests and special events.

The attendee’s experience is paramount in the selection of food and beverage. The demographics of the audience should play a large role in the decision-making process. We understand the needs of international attendees, faith-based preferences, and environmentally sound choices. Menu design and selection, budget parameters, and general flow of the conference all play into the final selections. Our formulas for guaranteeing actual numbers for meal functions have been developed over the history of the company and ensure that–while everyone is fed–the waste is kept to a minimum. If any food is leftover, it is always donated to a local food bank.

  • Work with caterer to make the best menu choices according to the group’s preferences.
  • Manage food & beverage needs within the scope of the budget. Complete all ordering and receive final approval.
  • Provide food & beverage guarantees to minimize food waste and improve your bottom line.
  • Work with caterer to arrange for any leftover food to be donated.

As a part of how MeetGreen does business, we integrate sustainable event strategies into all our services and submit a final case study tracking implemented changes.  We will provide guidance to our clients throughout all the stages of the event with the intention of reducing the meeting’s environmental footprint. This all comes at no additional cost. 

  • Survey hotels and other vendors in the request for proposal process to ascertain their sustainability practices.
  • Provide contract language with measurement requirements as appropriate to ensure implementation by vendors.
  • Negotiate and work with vendors to implement strategies.
  • Advise client of practices that may be employed to reduce meeting impacts.
  • Track all measurement requirements and collect data.
  • Provide final environmental report using the comprehensive MeetGreen® Calculator.

Little is as important to your attendees as knowing the who, what, when, and where details of your event. Whether that’s a conference app, website or printed materials, we provide clear cut communication with an eye for detail.

  • Collect sponsor ads and logos.
  • Provide content information including schedule, speakers bios and abstracts.
  • Edit and review final copy for accuracy as needed.
  • Suggest and source environmentally friendly alternatives such as mobile event apps.

When you need to move large groups of people efficiently while staying within budget and minimizing your impact on the planet, look no further than the experts at MeetGreen. We work closely with your transportation vendor to develop a foolproof and distinctive plan just for your event.

  • Obtain proposals and negotiate contracts with transportation companies.
  • Carefully analyze routing and ridership to save money.
  • Manage transportation for the event including daily bus service between the hotels and the convention center.
  • Work with the selected transportation vendor to establish schedules for transportation to all events.
  • Provide on-site management of attendee logistics during the event.
  • Coordinate with local public transit system in the area to ensure transit system schedule is prepared to handle event attendees.


  • Provide assistance to attendees throughout registration process.
  • Produce automated customized confirmation emails.
  • Manage blast emails to attendees.
  • Provide detailed reports and statistics weekly or as requested.
  • Handle design, production, and distribution of name badges.
  • Manage registration process on-site.
The safety and security of participants is a key component to organizing an event. The customized emergency response planning services should provide guidance and information to key logistical staff about the steps to prepare for and follow in case of an emergency. The plan should address emergency response procedures as well as specific protocol for the Emergency Response Team to quickly respond to medical, human-cause or nature-caused emergencies.

Emergency Response Planning Services

Our dedicated team of personnel, working in tandem with the latest technology, will produce an outstanding event. Event personnel includes security, exhibit labor, audio visual techs, first aid, registration staff, volunteers, temporary staff, convention center and catering personnel, to name a few. Managing this intricate dance requires leadership skills and logistical details. MeetGreen team members have a strong background in managing diverse teams to ensure a seamless choreography: the success of your conference.

  • Liaison with facility personnel and suppliers.
  • Manage vendor services, including decorator, caterer, audiovisual, Internet, security, and transportation companies, to ensure successful operations.
  • Oversee temporary staffing.
  • Manage and staff registration and information desks.
  • Oversee freight management for management team.
  • Manage signage in a timely manner.
  • Confirm all meeting room layouts, audio visual and internet are available and correct.
  • Design signage to meet instructional and directional requirements.
  • Ensure signs are re-useable wherever possible for cost savings.
  • Develop and coordinate special events.
  • Develop special off-site educational programs.