Service projects at events don’t need to be dull, cookie-cutter or expensive. They should be related to the participants or organizations skills, interests or favorite charities. They should also be engaging and mindful of making the world a better place. Here we take the opportunity to share a wonderful CSR project held in recently to inspire you.

PNCWA Trash Pick Up 2018 CSR

Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association CSR

When the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association plans a service project during their Annual Meeting, they don’t forget the fun! On the banks of the Boise River, billed as the “Fishing Tournament and Riverbank Cleanup”, participants were divided into teams and scored on trash weight as well as the quantity and size of the trout that were reeled in. No fish were harmed during this event as it was catch and release, but photo documentation was required to win an award. Those who fish know better than to use the honor system!

According to Bill Benko, one of the organizers…

Saturday morning dawned with clear blue skies, perfect for exploring the inaugural PNCWA Boise River Clean-Up and Fly Fishing “Tournament.” Ten anglers arrived at the Lander Street WRF parking lot, coming from different parts of Idaho and Oregon, as well as travelers from Washington DC and California. The City Greenbelt gives perfect access to the tree-lined Boise River with meandering riffles and pools, concealing who knows what possible trophy-trout in the depths. The pools directly at the Lander Street WRF outfall immediately attracted several fishermen, with some moving downstream to other attractive runs, while non-fishing River-keepers cleaned unwanted trash.

Drifting those favorite nymph patterns was the technique finding enough trout action to keep things exciting. The river banks were restored to their natural conditions with many bags of trash collected. It was a fantastic day of fresh air in the cold water of the Boise River with friends, colleagues, and trout. The common theme of the day was, “This is fun, we should do this more often.”

The trash collecting was also lucrative with six bags collected and a lot of large debris. The Boise River is famous for floating and rafting by local residents and tourists alike. According to Adam McClymont, PNCWA President-elect, the large debris removed from the river were mostly floating-related including a raft, paddles, oar holders and enough gear to outfit an entire trip.

Biggest Fish


The fishing prizes were awarded for most fish (6), second most fish (4) and the largest fish measured a bright, beautiful 16 inches. Congratulations to all the winners including the Boise River who benefited from the excursion.

PNCWA takes a leadership role in producing their meetings using sustainable practices and being mindful of their impact on the planet. Their full Event Sustainability Report will be available in the coming weeks on our website.