As a company, MeetGreen has created a vision and values that are a core part of each team member. Our values are a reflection of us and the impact we have on the world. Here’s a list of of our vision & values:

  • We believe in creating a sustainable future
  • We care about the planet and all of her people
  • We believe in the power of human connection
  • We believe every little bit helps
  • We believe in inspired optimism
  • We thrive on challenges and love to learn
  • We embody the spirit of collaboration and teamwork

Giving Tuesday

We wanted to participate in Giving Tuesday to help charities that spoke to us by not only donating but to also raise awareness of the charities through this global movement. We asked the team to provide us with a charity they would like to see MeetGreen support. The response was very heartwarming and diverse! We are very excited to support the following charities:

What the Team Had To Say

We’ve listed quotes from the team that show why they chose the organization for MeetGreen to support during Giving Tuesday.

Raphael House

It breaks my heart when children don’t get a fair chance at life from the start. In homes with domestic violence, the likelihood for kids to get this “fair chance” is rare. Children who experience domestic violence are 50% more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and 3 times more likely to continue the cycle of abuse. The organization I chose helps women and children escape domestic violence by providing housing, youth activities, computers, teen job training, education and basic necessities like household goods, and toiletries which helps them not only escape difficult situations but allows them to be able to flourish and grow as humans. ~Jennifer

Portland Homeless Family Solutions

“Homelessness is visible problem in our city and I feel that everyone deserves to have a roof over their head. Portland Homeless Family Solutions is committed to helping our city and support those in need.” ~Shereen

Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute

“I chose Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute because my family has lived in this special and unique place for over 100 years. The ecology institute is a steward of the natural wonders of the gorge and they also foster education and connection to the environment for gorge community members. ~Carole

Bridging the Gap – Kansas City

“I chose Bridging The Gap Kansas City because of their great work helping manage back of house waste sorting at the UUA General Assembly in June 2018, where we achieved a 91% diversion rate, as well as their exemplary commitment to sustainability. They are an important resource to the Kansas City region.” ~Eric

Northwest Family Services

“I wish I could say I’ve worked with this agency directly, but I have always heard great things about them and the work they do for families and youth in our community. I have a special place in my heart for specifically taking care of mothers and children and Northwest Family Services offers a plethora of services that provide safety, protection, support, education, and encouragement to families. I find their work meaningful and critical to providing a safe space where people can go to get the help they need.” ~April

Days For Girls

“I discovered Days for Girls while visiting a pretty little town called Ajijic near Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s such a worthwhile cause, I’m happy MeetGreen is supportive!” ~Della

Meals on Wheels

“Their work in our community provides seniors, who would otherwise go hungry, with a warm meal and a smile every day.” ~Nancy

California Fire Foundation

“It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation of the California fires and I feel compelled to help in anyway that I can. This includes survivors who are left with nothing and have to start over, as well as the firefighters and their families.” ~Justine

Get SMART Oregon

“Reading is the fundamental building block to empowerment in the classroom. I interned at SMART in college and have seen first hand the power the SMART classroom and program has on the students. It is one of the most efficiently run and empowering non-profits I have ever engaged with an believe whole-heartldly in their method and mission.” ~Karly