Technology is an interesting and, some might say, essential aspect of the modern day human experience. An indirect impact can be a loss of a personal connection with your colleagues. The 2017 Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) Summit has found a way to utilize technology to foster connection, not isolation, and promote attendance at the Summit. SPLC uses the software as the “hello” and the Summit as the “handshake”.

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Summit

The annual Summit brings together 400+ purchasing and sustainability professionals, suppliers, and NGO experts from diverse sectors and regions. They meet at the Summit to share, simplify, and spread the best sustainable purchasing practices across the whole economy. It is hosted by Sustainable Leadership Purchasing Council; a team of professionals dedicated to instigating systemic changes to accelerate the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future.

The membership of the Council has grown each year, a testament to the importance SPLC places on fostering a strong community. This has been achieved, in part, by the emphasis the Council places on networking and the opportunities personal connections render.

Human Connection Starts by Using a Mobile App

The Summit is a conduit to enhance attendee connection, accelerated by the diligent and
thoughtful sourcing of the technological platforms utilized before, during, and after the event…

When choosing the mobile app, the focus was on finding an app best suited to facilitate
attendee networking and interaction. During the process of vetting various apps, the following requirements were needed:

  • Integration with social media
  • Special features such as clustering attendees by common interests
  • Integration with Summit registration

The attendee user experience was valued first and foremost to ensure a positive outcome of in person networking and interactions.

The mobile app also serves as the channel for attendees:

  • To identify other attendees they would like to meet
  • Send a request to connect
  • Enable face-to-face interactions with other attendees during one of the various Summit
    networking events

The Connect Program

The Summit also features a pre-conference “Connect” program. The Connect event introduces purchasers to innovative suppliers who have earned the esteem of the sustainability-savvy purchasing professionals involved in the Council. Conceived of and organized by leading SPLC Purchaser members, this event serves the needs of buyers as well as innovative suppliers seeking opportunities to grow their organizations through sustainability.

The software for Connect functions specifically to provide “buyer” attendees of the program with the ability to review services offered by suppliers and request one-on-one meetings.

  • This software allows for the simple and fluid scheduling of up to 14 one-on-one
    meetings throughout the day for each buyer attendee.
  • Meetings are scheduled for 15 minutes, so there is no awkward conclusion to the
    meeting, just the ability to make a personal connection and maintain that connection
    electronically post-Summit.

The ability to pre-review a plethora of industry professionals via the software, then schedule onsite meetings, is the perfect marriage of technology and human connection. The SPLC 2017 Summit hosts a close community of attendees. By using technology as a catalyst for meaningful connections, attendees will leave the event with a device full of contact details, a mind full of inspiration, and a variety of new opportunities.