Producing sustainable events around the world can be a challenge, thankfully, the Oracle team always looks at challenges as opportunities. Oracle OpenWorld Latin America was no exception. Held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June of 2016, the event had 6,000 attendees onsite and streamed the keynotes to 1M+.

Armed with the objectives to…

  • Waste Not
  • Be Cooler
  • Give Back
  • Have Fun (inspiring sustainability)

Oracle focused on eight key sustainable initiatives:

Signage – All signage was either recyclable, repurposed as a different item or reused. Banners from OpenWorld San Francisco were reused. Vinyl sign canvas will be repurposed as shoe fillings.

Technology – Use of digitally-based demos and information prevented unnecessary printing and construction.

Waste collection – Clearly labeled and additional recycling bins were paced through the event area.

Event back – A reuseable conference bag was provided and made from unbleached, renewable fabric.

Scenography – Modular sets and rented furniture were used. Reforested wood avoided the use of old growth trees and paint.

Water Stations – Messaging encouraged people to reuse their bottles.

Learning – Dedicated sustainability panel for sustainability awareness.

Community Program – For the first time, JavaOne4Teens was implemented with public school technology students in Brazil.

And the most striking outcome?

An impressive 60% less waste was generated than in 2010, the first-year waste impacts were measured.

To read about the rest of the challenges turned to opportunities of producing a sustainable event, check out the full case study.