This re-useable cup was given to me at a GMIC Conference over five years ago by the good folks in Toronto. Just like Shawna’s favorite mug, it has traveled with me far and wide. This mug is cracked and the plastic is scratched so it is getting hard to read, but it still turns from blue to white whenever it is full of really hot water which has the added benefit of making sure I don’t burn myself.

This travel trooper has been with me in three different countries and countless states. It has been on stage for all sorts of presentations, sat in on round table discussions, and kept me company while blogging. I bet it could teach sustainable meetings without my help.

My rough calculations lead me to believe it has saved nearly 1,000 disposable cups and water bottles from the landfill. Best of all, our partnership is not through yet as we pack up for the 2012 season.