If I have a few minutes between flights at airports to eat, I like to sit down and be served instead of grabbing a styrofoam box of food and eating at the gate. Just a little thing to give myself a false sense that travel really is nice.

So why is it that all the airport restaurants (dine in) are now serving me on a plastic plate with a piece of paper on it, my utensils are disposable and even the condiments are in individual servings? At the end of the meal, the waitress simply dumps the remains into a garbage can and restacks the plastic plate. Really, is this necessary?

I am in a restaurant and willing to pay a little more for service which to me includes an actual crockery plate, stainless cutlery, and a glass made out of real glass. They appear to have water to wash dishes and the ability to leave a ketchup bottle on the table so I am not sure of the reasoning. I am not going to suddently bolt out of my chair and down the concourse with my plate. Sure this is an environmental issue, but it isn’t it about a level of service as well? When did this become an acceptable way to treat a guest?

In this industry we travel a lot and life on the road can be bumpy. Hotels are listening and implementing programs to make us feel more at home. Let’s hope airports get onboard too.