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Don’t Forget to FLOSS

FLOSS?  That's right, choose Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable food for your events and meetings.  According to Chef Steven Ward, DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, during his recent presentation at the GMIC Sustainable Events Conference, this easy-to-remember acronym will help you select a fabulous, healthy menu for your guests.Chef Ward recommends the event planner work [...]

Numbers Are Our Friends!

BUYER BEWARE: This symbol with a number in the middle on the bottom of a plastic container doesn't necessarily mean it is easily recycled. It is simply a way to identify what type of plastic it is. Both as a consumer and as a meeting planner it is important to know what your food is [...]

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Do You Know Who I Am?

"Hello, I am Mr X's personal assistant and I am calling to let you know he will be at your conference.""Yes, I understand you have online registration, but Mr X doesn't register online.""He would like to know if the following (his list of peers) will be there before he gives his final approval.""Yes, I understand [...]

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Reduce Paper, Gain a Sponsorship Opportunity

Still trying to do away with the paper program for your conferences or events? When the BSR 2012 conference made the choice eliminate the full conference program, they went to a conference app.   Their app program is incredibly robust and has been very successful this year with a large percentage of participants using it to [...]

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No Recycling Bins? Problem Solved!

How many times have you been told that a facility can't provide front-of-house recycling because they just don't have enough bins?  More than a few would be my guess.  Well, here's a cool solution you can suggest the next time you hear that excuse.Use nicely framed signs placed on the serving tray stands normally used [...]

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ABCs of Sustainable Meetings

A Alternative Fuels - Includes a wide range of fuel types including biofuels derived from corn, so and recycled cooking oils, ethanol blended fuel, biodiesel, bioalcohol, etc. B Biodegradable - Capable of being broken down by natural processes, such as bacterial action (hint: always ask how long it takes to break down and if the product [...]

Eliminate Food Packaging for Your Events

If you have committed to requesting and serving food and beverages in bulk whenever possible, this blog's for you.Today I offer easy tips on how to accomplish your goal: Ask the caterer to provide condiments in bulk. What exactly does this mean? Milk in creamers instead of little plastic "moo juice" cups, sugar in covered bowls [...]

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Event Recycling 101

Recycling is the final option before the landfill and one that can still have an impact on your economic bottom line.  It is essential to the environmental bottom line and cannot be stressed enough.  It is also becoming one of the easiest initiatives to request and implement.Consider how much money you can save on waste [...]

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Ideas to Reduce Box Lunch Packaging

By now you know that serving food in bulk saves money and the environment.  Caterers we work with estimate the savings to be between 50% and 60% for serving bulk condiments instead of individually packaged.  What happens if you need to serve box lunches?  Sometimes it is just a necessity, but there are always options.  [...]

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What’s Behind Door #1?

It is time to choose a meeting venue for your upcoming event. You have found a destination with a walkable community, mass transit from the airport and a selection of green vendors. You have narrowed the field by looking at rates, dates and space.During the proposal process, you were diligent about asking for recycling, composting, [...]

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