Indeed. Why bother with sustainable practices at your meetings?

Why bother recycling on the show floor?

Why bother serving local food?

Why bother choosing seafood from a sustainable fishery?

Why bother asking venues if they use renewable energy?

Why bother measuring your environmental footprint?

Why bother reusing signage?

Why bother choosing condiments in bulk?

Why bother donating leftover food?

Why bother putting green meeting initiatives in contracts?

Why Bother?

It is a question we asked a talented group of hotel industry associates recently during an internal meeting. We anticipated answers such as, “My boss makes me”, “To bring in revenue” or “The clients demand it.” Traditional answers reflecting a corporate strategy where they simply played a role, but not a personal commitment.

The responses were very different indeed. When asked the question, “Why bother?”, these individuals considered it carefully and after a bit of soul searching shared answers that spoke to their personal passion.

The responses were…

“I want to leave this planet better than I found it”

“I love nature”

“I can make a difference”

“Because we are in a drought”

“I have children and grandchildren”

“To protect our environment”

“I want to give back to my community”

On this Earth Day, even if green meetings aren’t your first priority or perhaps you don’t want to hear even one more thing about being sustainable, take a moment to ask yourself, “Why bother with sustainable practices at your meetings?”

The answer might surprise and inspire you.