As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” As we face a dramatically shifting climate in nearly every area; politically, socially, environmentally and financially, change—welcome or not—is upon us.

  • How, as a group of individuals and a company, do we react and advise our clients who are facing unprecedented drops in registrations due to the immigration policies which have changed overnight?

  • Can we help these organizations make a quick enough shift to virtual meetings for those unable to step foot on US soil?

  • How can our international technology clients plan for events later this year when it is unclear how international travel will be impacted?

  • How do we keep moving forward as a company whose directive is to work with “progressive global organizations to integrate leading event sustainability practices and produce events that deliver targeted business results?”

  • As individuals, how do we continue our good work in a world that seems bent on deconstructing what it has taken years to build?

  • And, most importantly, how can we use our collective voice to make a difference in the world?

What We Believe In

When tested, we must rely on our core values. The strength, compassion and sheer determination at the root of your being comes from your beliefs, your values, and what you hold dear in life.

As a company, we have long-standing values and principles of conduct that aren’t just words on a website (although they are there, too), they are our joint beliefs. They are revisited every time we gather as a group and their significance is reaffirmed. We rely on them for making decisions to drive our organization.

As we gathered virtually this week to share news about the external forces shaping our world and those of our clients, we immediately relied on our values and principles of conduct to frame the discussion. They provide our ethical compass and a place to draw strength. They also serve as our “line in the sand” when we have to make tough decisions.

Taking A Stand

Since January, companies, are traditionally politically neutral, are now making statements based on their values. Because what is currently impacting companies is not political; it is about social justice, environmental responsibility and ethics.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said:

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

It is uplifting to see organizations embracing these words and taking a stand.

Our Core Values

We too are taking a stand because the time is right and the time is now. We would like to start by sharing our own values and why they are so meaningful to us.

We Believe In Creating a Sustainable Future

Our work focuses on making it easy for our clients to gather together to solve the world’s problems through technology, social responsibility, environmental restoration and scientific research. By supporting their efforts, we do our part to make a difference.

We Care About The Planet and All Of Her People

We will not allow any form of destructive behavior in our work, our lives or our community.

We Believe In The Power Of Human Connection

When people gather together, amazing things happen. It is through these connections that solutions to today’s issues will be found. It is the spark of an idea that happens in a session, in the hallway over coffee or over a meal at the end of the day.

We Believe Every Little Bit Helps

Really, it does. Every plastic water bottle saved from a landfill, every meal served with sustainable seafood, and every morsel of food donated to the hungry makes a difference.

We Believe In Inspired Optimism

When they say, sustainability is a journey, what they are really saying is it often takes a long time to institute a change and make it stick. When you are in the middle of the journey and you take three steps back for every one forward, it is easy to get disheartened. Even in the face of this daunting challenge, we feel inspired and optimistic about the future of the world.

We Thrive On Challenges and Love To Learn

When hiring, I love to hear applicants describe themselves as a “lifelong learner” because that is a common thread that runs through everyone here at MeetGreen. It is inherent in our culture, in our work and the way we face the issues presented.

We stake our good name and reputation on these values.

Our Principles of Conduct

At MeetGreen we also adhere to our Principles of Conduct which inform our decisions both as individuals and an organization. These guiding principles are:


Always Enrolling Others and Considering Their Thoughts, Opinions and Diverse Cultures In Our Work

Sometimes it’s the big issues and sometimes it is the little things such as making sure our international participants who prefer it have plenty of tea at morning breaks and the hot water has not been standing in urns that taste like yesterday’s coffee. Or labeling the food on buffets so that those with religious or allergy restrictions know what they can safely eat.


Making Decisions Everyday Which Stay True To Our Values

When we were threatened by a past client wanting to break our contract or they would ruin our reputation in the community, we stood up to them. Then we donated to a children’s anti-bullying organization.


Taking Care Of The Earth’s Resources and Humanity

Even those days when it would be easier to overlook Styrofoam plates on a continental breakfast or food being wasted at the end of a banquet, we don’t. It is our obligation as citizens of this world.


Being Open and Honest In All Our Communications, Openly Sharing So We Can Learn and Strive For a Sustainable Future

Long before it was fashionable, we published an annual Corporate Sustainability Report to share our story. We aren’t perfect and we don’t pretend to be, but we are genuine and vulnerable.

The Going Is Getting Tough

Individuals, communities and organizations are being tested. We at MeetGreen will stand true to our values and principles. We will not sacrifice all that we hold dear to remain successful or make a profit and believe remaining true to our values will bring us more success. We will use our voice, our work and our wisdom in every possible way to ensure the safety of all citizens of the world and the health of the planet.