‘Tis the season for holiday events! How do you plan a holiday event with sustainable goals in mind? Don’t worry, we have you covered! The MeetGreen team has put together 10 tips for your holiday events this season that will guide you greener events no matter what the occasion may be.

  1. Provide china and linen service, or if this is not possible, use compostable or biodegradable service ware. Avoid polystyrene and #6 plastics. Isn’t it more elegant anyway?
  2. Serve juice, water, ice tea and hot beverages in pitchers, urns or coolers, not individual containers or bottles.
  3. Serve condiments such as jam, jelly, sauces, sugar and cream in bulk Do not pre-fill water glasses at a banquet meal.
  4. Avoid pre-plating salads or desserts at sit-down meals.
  5. Donate any leftover unserved food to a local food bank.
  6. Use reusable, edible or living decorations rather than disposable ones.
  7. Serve fair trade, shade grown coffee and local, healthy ingredients
  8. Purchase any seafood according to the “Good” or “Best Alternative” choices under a sustainable fisheries program in your area.

  9. Compost prep food, table scraps and compostable service ware.
  10. Consider donating to a local charity in your guests’ names instead of gifts.

Looking for more ideas around food and beverage for your sustainable events? Check out the MeetGreen® Sustainable Event Kit and sign up for the Sustainable Event Kit Sample.

What ideas do you have to make your next event more sustainable? Please share them with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you!