In our Fun Fact Friday series we are featuring team members from MeetGreen so you can learn more about us!

Britta Ehnebuske
Project Specialist

What project are you currently working on?

Business for Social Responsibility Conference Registration, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Annual Conference Speaker Management, and Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council site selection and tech research for next year.

Why do you like your job?

I love the variety of the everyday. Even if I’ve worked on a particular project for years there are always new challenges and new approaches we can take to resolve issues. I love working as part of a team and seeing an event through from brainstorming stages to wrap up. Being onsite is my favorite part of an event—nothing beats seeing all your hard work come together and attendees happily connecting with one another and being inspired. There is always opportunity for creative problem solving and thinking on your feet—I love that our team does whatever it takes to make the attendee experience pleasant and memorable. I also love that MeetGreen is small enough to allow everyone to wear different hats from time to time and contribute to the company’s growth in meaningful ways.

What accomplishment in life are you most proud of?

I think it’s pretty neat that I am the go to person amongst my friends and family for planning get-togethers and group getaways. It’s no wonder that I landed in the events industry…it’s just my natural inclination to find ways to bring people together and do the legwork to get there.

How do you give back to your community?

I try to volunteer when I have spare time—one of my favorite organizations is the NOLA Trash Mob which gets together to clean up public spaces here in New Orleans. New Orleans has some growth to do when it comes to littering but I believe if people are given nicer spaces to occupy they’ll be more likely to take some ownership to help keep them looking clean. I also like to frequent the farmer’s markets and support local businesses that are contributing to the health of the community.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my husband Chris & my dog June and getting out into nature as much as we can! We also try to take advantage of all the wonderful cultural events New Orleans has to offer. Cooking is a favorite pastime for me—I like trying new recipes, learning new techniques, and feeding friends & family. My husband and I are new homeowners and have a never-ending list of improvements and DIYs to accomplish. We are excited to make our house a home and learn some new skills along the way!

What is on your bookshelf?

Right now, lots of books about pregnancy and early childhood—my husband and I are about to have our first baby! I love books both as a way to learn more about the human experience (love non-fiction human interest…Into Thin Air is a favorite) as well as to escape (I love modern fiction like The Martian or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but my all time favorite is Pride and Prejudice).